Mattress Size in Canada: The Complete Guide [2023]

Bed Size in Canada

Size matters for anyone looking to purchase a new mattress or bed. Many people have queen size mattresses in Canada. You likely have a bed, and need the mattress to fit, right? Want a better experience when shopping around? Our complete guide has everything you need to know!

There's not really much difference in Canada and the United States as far as size, but there is different terminology with a couple mattresses. Double in Canada, is widely known as "Full" in the USA. Similarly, a Single mattress is known as a Twin down south.

Mattress Size Guide Chart

Below is a mattress size chart for individuals shopping around:

Mattress Size & Dimensions (Mattress size in Inches) Dimensions (Centimeters)

It is worth mentioning that mattress can be as much as one full inch smaller in each dimension and still be within tolerances.

Size/Dims Width (in) Length (in) Width (cm) Length (cm)
Crib 27 52 69 132
Single / Twin 38 75 97 190
Single XL / Twin XL 38 80 97 203
Double / Full 54 75 137 190
Double XL / Full XL 54 80 137 203
Queen 60 80 152 203
King 76 80 193 203
California King 72 84 183 213
Unusual sizes
Small Single 30 75 76 190
Half Queen 30 80 76 203
Olympic Queen 66 80 168 203
Super King custom custom custom custom
European sizes
European Single 35.5 79 90 200
European Double 55 79 140 200
European King 63 79 160 200
Grand King 71 79 180 200

Vancouver Island Made-to-Order

If you're considering a new mattress and live on Vancouver Island it makes sense to take a look at Fawcett Mattress.

COMPARE MATTRESSES HERE. We hand craft our mattresses specifically to each clients comfort needs. Sounds expensive? Not really. We're unique in that we manufacture direct to consumer with no middlemen involved.

So you get a custom mattress, crafted with superior materials, for about the same price you would pay for a lesser quality mattress from a big box store. We also ship across Canada, so keep that in mind.

Mattress Research

When shopping for a mattress, it makes sense to do your research and choose the best mattress for you. After all, a good night's sleep is critical for overall health.

We understand many mattress sizes are available, and picking the right choice can be daunting. How large is your bedroom? Do you wish to purchase a larger bed? This is why we prepared this guide to help new buyers get started.

Super King

While the super king is not a common mattress size in Canada. Actually, it's not really a size at all. What super king generally refers to, is an oversized mattress, made to custom dimensions. Fawcett can do this! Any size mattress you need, Fawcett can create.

Super King isn't a standard size, and dimensions are variable. It's the standard king's mattress version but a larger size. Have trouble finding a super king-size bed? All mattress at Fawcett are made-to-order, and sold direct to consumer, so no costly middle man to deal with.

BasX HFC Queen Adjustable Bed
An Adjustable Bed Bas-X HFC laying flat

California King

A California king or Western king is similar to a standard king mattress, but is narrower (72" instead of 76") and longer (84" instead of 80"). The California king allows taller people to stretch out comfortably. It means they won't need to fold their bodies. Individuals with narrower master bedrooms can also consider this mattress.

King Size Mattress aka Eastern King

A King size mattress is the largest size offered by many mattress manufacturers. People with large master bedrooms may want to go for this mattress because it boasts enhanced personal space. Parents who want to co-sleep with their kids can choose a king-size mattress.

Some makers also provide a split king mattress with similar dimensions to king-size and includes double XL size mattresses combined. This ensures increased movement freedom if the frame is adjustable.

Queen Size Mattress

These are some of the most popular mattresses available today. Couples can pick the mattress size queen and enjoy enough personal space, and it won't take up a big chunk of room space. Queen size mattresses are also affordable for those looking to save on costs.

Queen RV

The queen RV's design allows it to fit in a recreational vehicle. Typically, the mattress is thinner in profile (think headroom here) and shorter due to space challenges, minimizing weight for the RV. Ultimately, most RV mattresses are a custom size, which is no problem for us to create for you at Fawcett. Simply reach out with the dimensions by completing this form.

Full-Size Mattress

A full-size mattress can be fit for people with small bedrooms. The length is the same as that of a standard twin, but the width has additional 16 inches. This gives the sleeper enough space to spread their limbs and roll around. This mattress is narrower than the queen-size mattress and is best for a single sleeper. Couples will likely feel cramped when sleeping on a full-size mattress.

Twin/Single Extra Long

Typically, a twin-size mattress or single XL as we know it in Canada, is longer than the twin bed by five inches. So it's 80" instead of the regular Single size at 75". The extra length gives taller sleepers enhanced comfort because they don't have to dangle their feet over the edge. If you're over 6 feet tall you'll appreciate these extra 5 inches.

Twin XL mattresses are commonly found in college rooms because it doesn't take up excess space and is suitable for more sleepers. Individuals with smaller guest rooms can also benefit from twin XL mattresses.


Twin mattresses are offered by many companies and come in compact sizes. Those with oddly shaped or small rooms won't have a problem fitting these mattresses.

Parents looking to purchase a mattress for their children can consider twin single. A Single XL mattress would also be best for teenagers because it can accommodate their growth phase.

Small Single - Cot

Parents whose toddlers have outgrown their crib but aren't ready to sleep on a traditional bed can consider upgrading to a small single mattress. We can create any size mattress at Fawcett. Just give us the dimensions!

How to Choose the Appropriate Mattress Size in Canada

Everyone wants a space to stretch out and move when sleeping, but this can be hard without a mattress that can suit your personalized needs. It would be advisable for couples not to choose anything below the queen mattress size. Single sleepers may not experience much trouble when selecting a mattress because of the many available options. How should one go about when picking a mattress? Here are four critical factors to consider:

  • Your budget
  • Your room size
  • The sleeper's height
  • Whether the mattress can accommodate one or more people

Comfort is the #1 Important factor - of course.

While size is an important consideration when purchasing a mattress, you also want to consider its sleep experience. At Fawcett, we recognize how this is vital for our clients and provide them with latex mattresses and organic mattresses to cater to everyone's sleep. Latex mattress has many pros, including:

  • No metal components
  • Organic latex
  • Reduces motion transfer
  • Compatible with adjustable bed
  • It's natural without synthetic components

A Fawcett's natural talalay or organic latex mattress will offer comfortable sleep and benefits, such as:

  • Longer lasting, holds shape
  • Extra thickness if that's what you desire
  • Resilient natural talalay latex or organic dunlop latex
  • Customize firmness side to side on any King mattress (no extra fee!)

Find out More about Fawcett's Made-to-Order Mattresses in Victoria, BC

Anyone looking to enhance their sleep comfort needs to pick the appropriate mattress size for their requirements. Need a high-quality mattress, but not sure how to go about it? Don't hesitate to reach out for more information.