Fawcett Model 6 Hybrid Mattress
M6 Mattress Front View
Fawcett Model 6
Model 6 Hybrid Natural Mattress
Model 6 Hybrid Natural Mattress
Model 6 Hybrid Natural Mattress
Model 6 Hybrid Natural Mattress
Model 6 Hybrid Natural Mattress
Model 6 Hybrid Natural Mattress
Model 6 Hybrid Natural Mattress

Model 6 Hybrid Natural Mattress

  • Price x Quality = Our Bestselling Mattress
  • Naturally Breathable & Cool Sleeping
  • 2" 100% Natural Latex + 6" Pocket Coil Spring
This mattress was created for the person who is conscious of what they are bringing into their home, and wants a more budget oriented solution, without sacrificing comfort. Model 6 is constructed with 2 inches of 100% Natural Talalay Latex over a 6″ individual pocket coil spring.

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Budget-Conscious Without Sacrifice

Our affordable natural mattress is a customer favourite! This pocket coil mattress was created for the budget-conscious individual who is mindful of what they are bringing into their home. Model 6 achieves both of these goals without sacrificing comfort. This mattress is carefully crafted with 2" of 100% Natural Talalay Latex over 6" individually pocketed coils. Both conforming and supportive, this natural mattress blends the best of both worlds.

Perfect Combination

A great fit for those who are looking for a medium-firm mattress with a perfect balance of softness and support. We generally use medium firm latex in as a support layer. We call this combination "Goldilocks." Not too soft, not too firm. However, if you prefer it a little softer or firmer, let us know...

Key Features

    • Available in three latex firmness options
    • Breathable - Does not sleep hot!
    • 9" Finished Height
    • 6" High Count Individual Pocket Coil Spring
    • 2" of 100% Natural Talalay Latex foam available in Soft, Medium and Firm
    • High Thread Count Organic Cotton Ticking
    • Quilted through 1 Ounce (per square foot) of Joma Wool®
    • One sided, not flippable. Rotate every 6 months for optimal longevity

Tried and True

Have children? This robust pocket coil mattress will stand up to the abuse that is more often reserved for a trampoline. Once it got run over by a semitruck with only minor cosmetic damage. We are not joking, want to know the rest of the story? Give us a call.

If you like Model 6 but need a fully reversible mattress, consider Model 8 as they share many of the same components.

Custom Fit

Here at Fawcett we customize each and every mattress to fit your specific needs. After your purchase online we’ll do a comprehensive telephone consultation to ensure that your new bed is configured for your sleep preferences. One mattress usually doesn’t “fit all”!

In Stock?

Because of Model 6 popularity we strive to keep them in stock. They do go fast, so please check in with us to make sure. If not, timing for delivery should take no more then 2 to 4 weeks.

Organic Cotton Ticking, 2 Inches of 100% Natural Talalay Latex, Joma Wool® & high count individual pocket coil recycled steel spring

9" Finished Height
Single - 38" x 75"
Single XL - 38" x 80"
Double - 54" x 75"
Double XL - 54" x 80"
Queen - 60" x 80"
King - 76" x 80"

Most mattress companies have complicated warranties that are full of small print and confusing legal jargon, but we want to keep it simple. Fawcett mattresses are covered by a 10 Year Warranty consisting of a 2 year non-prorated warranty, followed by an 8 year prorated warranty. More details under "Warranty" in the footer of this page.