Model Crib Natural Mattress

crib mattress side
Model Crib Natural Mattress
Model Crib Natural Mattress
Model Crib Natural Mattress
Model Crib Natural Mattress
Model Crib Natural Mattress

Model Crib Natural Mattress

A healthy mattress for a baby… (Sorry adult baby, you’re too big for this one!)
100% Organic Cotton
3" of 100% Natural Latex
Non-Off Gassing
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A healthy mattress for a baby... (Sorry adult baby, you’re too big for this one!)

All Natural Components
Babies sleep 10 to 20 hours per day so comfort and ergonomics are paramount. At the same time no parent should have to choose between the affordability of a crib mattress and their baby's safety and comfort. With this in mind we have picked the best all natural components paired with a rock bottom price.

Let's be frank, we would not be in business if this was the only mattress we made. We just want to help the new parents out as much as we can and get our potential future customers hooked on the Fawcett experience. ;)

Model C(rib) is a truly All Natural crib mattress. Apart from its zipper and the thread we use, all of the components came from nature: Organic cotton, Joma Wool® plus 3" of firm 100% Natural Talalay Latex rubber.

Non Off-gassing
Not only will your child love this mattress, you will sleep well knowing your wee one is on a natural, non off-gassing bed. Can we guarantee your baby will now “sleep through the night?” Hey, we’re mattress makers, not miracle workers. :)

    • 4″ Finished Height
    • 3” of 100% Natural Talalay latex made from Hevea Brasiliensis tree sap
    • 100% cotton zip-on liner
    • Removable zip-on Organic Cotton cover
    • Quilted through 1 Ounce (per square foot) of New Zealand Joma Wool®
    • Fully flippable. Flip and or rotate every 2 months until your little one is too big for it
Options & Care
This model is also available crafted with Dunlop GOLS Certified Organic latex rubber.

Care Instructions: Spot clean only. Removable organic cotton cover has a layer of wool in it. If machine washed, this cover will shrink and will no longer fit the mattress core.

Stuff happens, so consider getting a crib mattress protector!

27" x 52" x 4" thick
Organic Cotton Ticking, 3” of 100% Natural Talalay Latex, Joma wool
Most mattress companies have complicated warranties that are full of small print and confusing legal jargon, but we want to keep it simple. Fawcett Crib mattresses are covered by a 3 Year Warranty.