We have six simple mattress models. All our mattresses are crafted with between 2" and 9" layer(s) of pressure relieving Natural Talalay Latex.

All-Latex VS. Hybrid

Some people like the feel of our All-Latex Mattress while others prefer our Hybrid Mattress, which includes an individually pocketed innerspring. No matter which you choose, all of our models can be customized to have a firmer or softer feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an all-latex and a hybrid mattress?

The key difference is that our hybrid mattresses include pocket coil springs whereas the all latex models feature a single latex core. Some people prefer the simple design and feel of all latex and others like the familiar feel of a mattress with springs. A lot of the decision comes down to personal preference. Our all-latex mattresses (Sombrio & Galiano) are fully flippable and can be used in adjustable bed frames since they are flexible. Some of our hybrid models like the Qualicum & Cumberland are fully flippable as well.

What's better a Hybrid Mattress or Latex Mattress? 

It depends on your needs and preferences. Some people simply prefer the feel of a Hybrid versus the feel of an All Latex mattress. Hybrid's can be an excellent value choice as well, due to the lower cost of a spring, compared to Natural Talalay latex. All Latex mattresses like our Sombrio or Galiano offer simplicity, and highly customizable firmness options from side-to-side for those who share a bed.

What are your mattresses made of?

All of our mattresses are made with an organic cotton cover with Joma wool quilted through. We can also make a vegan mattress cover by replacing the Joma Wool with cotton felt. All of our mattresses are made with Natural Talalay Latex sourced from the Netherlands. We do occasionally build with Organic Dunlop on request, but consider this latex to be inferior for pressure relief. In addition to natural Talalay Latex, our hybrid models feature highly durable and supportive individual pocket coil springs.

What is the process of creating Dunlop compared to Natural Talalay Latex?

Both Dunlop latex and Natural Talalay latex are tapped from "rubber trees" otherwise known as Hevea Brasiliensis trees. The difference lies in the manner in which the latex is processed. The dunlop latex process involves whipping the latex, pouring the liquid latex into moulds and then vulcanizing it through baking the material. Dunlop latex is more muted and less resilient than Talalay Latex.  Natural Talalay Latex is poured into closed moulds, then the air is vacuumed out and the material is flash frozen to create a uniform and consistent firmness throughout the materials. Next the material is vulcanized. This gives Natural Talalay latex a light and resilient feel. 

How do I know what firmness is right for me?

The firmness of a mattress often comes down to personal preference but there is a bit of science to it. Sleep position, weight and sleep needs all play a role in selecting the right firmness for you. You need to consider any specific pressure relief and support requirements. For those who cannot make it out to a showroom, we encourage everyone to complete our firmness questionnaire before purchasing a mattress. After filling out the questionnaire our team will review and confirm you have selected the right firmness. We also offer side-specific firmness for two sleepers that require different firmnesses.

How much do your mattresses weigh?

Our mattresses vary in weight depending on size, model and firmness. For example, a Sombrio queen mattress weighs approximately 120 lbs. Typically our all-latex models are slightly heavier than hybrid mattresses due to the weight of the materials.

Can you make custom-size mattresses for Boats, RV’s or uniquely shaped beds?

You bet we can! We can make mattresses in all shapes and sizes including ones with bevels and hinges. Simply reach out to us with your Boat, RV or custom shape mattress needs and we can send you a patterning kit to use as a template.

Do you offer free Canada shipping on all of your mattresses?

Yes, we do! All of our mattresses ship free across Canada (free shipping excludes: Yukon, NWT and Nunavut)

What is the difference between the Sombrio and the Goldstream? 

The Sombrio is an all latex mattress while the Goldstream is a hybrid mattress. A key difference is a lower profile. 7” for Sombrio and 9” height for the Goldstream. Is the two inch difference important to you? Some people prefer the feel of all latex vs a hybrid pocket coil mattress. The Sombrio will be marginally heavier though too. A Queen Sombrio weighs about 100 pounds and a Queen Goldstream about 85 lbs. Both are very well received. A lot of the decision comes down to personal preference.