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In 2014, Duane Franklin and Ross Taylor decided it was time to change how Canadians sleep-it could be better, healthier, and at a fair price. With respective expertise in mattress craftsmanship and furniture design, the two founded Fawcett and set about introducing the world to a superior handcrafted mattress, good for both people and the planet. A decade later, we've grown, with a strong team of craftspeople, two showrooms, and cross-country shipping, but we're as passionate as ever about handcrafted mattresses and the transformative power of a great sleep.

Our Difference

Exceptional Materials

Rest easy knowing exactly what you're sleeping on. Our mattresses are made with healthy, sustainable, and natural materials you can trust.


Benefit from craftsmanship honed over decades. Our mattresses are handcrafted on Vancouver Island, in a safe and fair working environment.

Great Value

Sleep on a mattress made just for you. Our mattresses are personalized for each sleeper, including for couples with different preferences.


Meet Our Founders

Duane Franklin

After decades of hands-on experience in the industry, Duane Franklin finally built his ideal mattress-and he knew he had to share it with others. This was a mattress fit for a mattress expert and, by extension, everyone Duane cared about most. "This is the mattress I wanted for myself, my parents, my kids," Duane says. 


A mattress maker since the age of 18, Duane honed his skills under the guidance of a master craftsman and gradually earned a reputation as Victoria's premier mattress maker. Through his experience and direct engagement with customers, he arrived at a valuable understanding of the perfect materials and methods for mattress making. Soon after, he met Ross and Fawcett Mattress was born. 

Ross Taylor

An entrepreneur specializing in custom furniture, Ross Taylor knows quality when he sees it. When he met Duane, he was immediately impressed by the craftsmanship on display. "Every part of his process was thoughtfully considered," Ross says, "from the sourcing of the materials to the careful, almost painstaking construction of each mattress." Bringing business acumen and a deep understanding of customer needs to his partnership with Duane, Ross named Fawcett (after a beloved uncle) and got to work introducing Canadians to the best sleep of their lives.

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