Galiano - M2


The Galiano is an all natural latex mattress, with no synthetic components (apart from the thread). Wonderfully comfortable and highly customizable this mattress will satisfy even the most sensitive sleeper. Both upper and lower components are flippable.

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10-Year Warranty

Most mattress companies have complicated warranties full of jargon. Our simple 10 year warranty has you covered.

100 Night Comfort Exchange

We take your comfort seriously. We consult with every purchaser to ensure we get it right. We also have a 100 night comfort exchange if we need to change the firmness of your mattress.

Natural, Sustainable, Earth Friendly Materials

Rest easy knowing exactly what you're sleeping on. Our mattress are made with healthy, sustainable and natural materials you can trust.

Personalized Firmness

Everyone has different comfort needs. Personalize your mattress firmness for no extra fee. Two people in a King? No compromises. Personalize each side, all included. 

Free Shipping

We all like free. Shipping is complimentary across Canada.

Key Features


Wonderfully breathable and thermoregulating, this latex mattress is available in 4 different firmness's.

High Thread Count

High thread count organic cotton ticking quilted through New Zealand Joma Wool

Custom Fit

Here at Fawcett we customize each and every mattress to fit your specific needs.

Fully Flippable

Flip and or rotate every 6 months for optimal longevity.

What's Inside


Product Description

The Galiano - All-Latex Natural Latex Mattress

The Galiano mattress, formerly known as our Model 2, is our all-latex natural mattress, with no synthetic components (apart from the thread). Wonderfully comfortable and highly customizable this mattress will satisfy even the most sensitive sleeper.

No Springs, No Moving Parts

No springs, no moving parts, no toxins and no compromise. The quilting is made of high thread count organic cotton ticking sewn through 1 ounce (per square foot) of Joma Wool®. The all latex support system consists of a softer 3″ All Natural Talalay latex topper, and a base constructed with 6″ of firmer... you guessed it... 100% Natural Talalay latex. This model is also available crafted with Dunlop GOLS Certified Organic latex rubber.

Reduces Motion Transfer

You may have noticed that our Galiano mattress looks a lot like a Sombrio with a 4" Premium Topper placed on top. With minor cosmetic differences, that is indeed correct. This independent topper configuration allows you to flip and rotate each piece separately. It also facilitates greater body contouring and reduction in motion transfer.

Perfectly Compatible with Adjustable Bases

Wonderfully breathable and thermoregulating, our Model 2 works in synergy with any Adjustable Bed. It will articulate as much as your base requires and provide you unrestricted body contouring and support.

Because of it's component based nature, this mattress allows us to fine-tune your preferred sleep comfort. Spinal alignment and surface softness are easily achievable by choosing a proper latex firmness combination. As a bonus, in a pinch the top can be used on its own as a guest bed or the base of a blanket fort.

Key Features

    • 11" Finished Height
    • 3" + 6" of 100% Natural Talalay Latex
    • Available in multiple firmness combinations for a no compromise comfort
    • Breathable - Does not sleep hot!
    • High Thread Count Organic Cotton Ticking
    • All Natural - No Synthetic Components - No Off-gassing
    • Adjustable bed friendly - This mattress will not restrict bed frame articulation. It will bend and conform to any position
    • Quilted through 1 Ounce (per square foot) of Joma Wool
    • Best in industry Motion Reducing properties
    • Fully flippable. Flip and or rotate every 6 months for optimal longevity
    • Available as a “No Compromise Mattress” offering side specific support within a single bed

Custom Fit

Here at Fawcett we personalize each and every mattress to fit your specific needs. After your purchase online we can send you an online questionnaire to ensure that your new bed is configured for your sleep preferences. One mattress usually doesn’t “fit all"!

In stock?

Timing for building your custom mattress generally takes from 48 hours to 4 weeks. 


11″ Finished Height
Single - 38" x 75"
Single XL - 38" x 80"
Double - 54" x 75"
Double XL - 54" x 80"
Queen - 60" x 80"
King - 76" x 80"
California King - 72" x 84"
Alternate sizes, upon request.


Here at Fawcett we personalize each and every mattress to fit your specific needs. Side specific firmness for each sleeper on a King size mattress - all included. After your purchase online we’ll send an online private questionnaire to assist us in ensuring we get it right. Prefer a phone call? No problem. We’ll touch base to ensure that your new bed is configured for your sleep preferences. One mattress usually doesn’t “fit all”!


Timing for building your personalized mattress generally takes from 48 hours to 4 weeks. Let us know your need and timeline, and we’ll work hard to meet it!


Most mattress companies have complicated warranties that are full of small print and confusing legal jargon, but we want to keep it simple. Fawcett mattresses are covered by a simple 10 Year Warranty and 100 night comfort exchange. You can exchange your mattress for the same model of a different firmness or configuration for a fee of $499 including shipping. If you can return your existing Fawcett Mattress to a Fawcett retail location, and pick up the replacement mattress, then we will waive the $499 fee and the comfort exchange will have no cost to you. For areas within 30km of a Fawcett retail location, we can arrange delivery of the comfort exchange mattress, along with the pickup of the original mattress for $99.


Organic Cotton Ticking, 6 Inches of 100% Natural Talalay Latex, Joma Wool



Product FAQ

What style of sleeper is the Galiano mattress appropriate for?

The Galiano provides the most flexibility for various configurations. Now what exactly does that mean? We’re able to configure this mattress like no other. If you have vastly different needs as far as firmness and comfort compared to your partner, this is the choice for you. It’s also a great choice for anyone who simply wants the ultimate in comfort and restful sleep and can accommodate any style of sleeper by personalizing firmness for each sleeper. Not sure what firmness? That’s why we’re here to help get it right.

How is the Galiano mattress different from the Sombrio?

The Galiano is a “two component” mattress. It has a lower component that is essentially the Sombrio mattress. The upper component is a 4” mattress topper that “floats” on top of the lower component. The beauty of this mattress is that it provides endless combinations of firmness to perfectly tailor firmness to any sleep preference, size and accommodate for chronic conditions - for any individual. The key here is consultation. Please complete the mattress firmness questionnaire to ensure we get all the information, to craft this mattress perfectly for you (and your partner if applicable).

What is the Galiano mattress made of?

The Galiano consists of a 6” Natural Talalay Latex lower core, encapsulated in Organic cotton quilted through 1 oz of Joma wool per square foot. The Upper component consists of 3 inches of Natural Talalay Latex and Organic Cotton mattress ticking quilted through a layer of Joma wool.

What is the difference between an all latex mattress like the Galiano and a hybrid spring mattress like the Cumberland?

Customization of the lower component is a key difference. The lower portion of our hybrid innerspring mattresses are not personalized. The upper latex portions of our hybrids are personalized to one’s preference for firmness. Our Galiano mattress has a slight edge in motion control with the lower component being a 6 inch Natural Talalay Latex Core instead of a Spring.

Is the Galiano mattress flippable?

The Galiano is flippable. You can flip and rotate both the upper and lower components. This helps the mattress last even longer.

Is the Galiano mattress compatible with an adjustable bed?

Yes. We have hundreds of clients who chose the Galiano to pair with an adjustable bed. As an all-latex mattress, it bends and articulates well with adjustable beds.

Can the Galiano mattress be customized?

Yes. The Galiano is the perfect choice for people who desire the most personalize-able mattress we offer. It consists of a full nine inches of latex, a six inch lower and 3 inches in the upper component. Both components can be personalized to your weight, sleep style and to accommodate any chronic conditions you may have.

Does the Galiano mattress ship for free across Canada?

Yes indeed. We’ll send this mattress to all the “lower provinces” for free. Check with us if you're from a province that has the arctic circle going through it! We’ll ship, but there will be a shipping fee.

How do I clean the Galiano mattress?

Generally your mattress shouldn’t need cleaning unless there are spills. In that case, you can lightly dab / spot clean with white vinegar, after 10 to 15 minutes, place baking soda on the spot cleaning areas to absorb and let sit for 8 - 10 hours. Then vacuum up the baking soda.

What kind of bedframe/base works best with the Galiano mattress?

The Galiano works well with almost any bedframe. Adjustable and traditional bed frames work well with this mattress combo. You should have adequate airflow beneath the mattress, to allow it to breathe. Each night water vapour is emitted from our bodies and a slatted base is ideal to promote proper airflow.

Is this mattress appropriate for someone with a latex allergy?

We can say that we have a number of clients sleeping on our latex mattresses that have latex allergies. Usually these allergies are related to ‘touching’ latex. Our mattresses are contained and encapsulated in a layer of organic cotton and Joma wool. If you have a serious latex allergy, please consult with your allergy specialist!