Organic Mattress VS Natural Mattress, a Canadian Alternative

Written by: Duane Franklin



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Organic Canadian Mattress

Organic Canadian Mattress VS Natural Mattresses

What’s the difference between an Organic Canadian Mattress and a Natural Mattress? Good question. More and more people are getting hip to the fact that sleep is important!

It’s actually become kind of trendy in certain circles. Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, has even done a TED talk on “how to be more successful. Get more sleep

The Huffington Post also has a few articles on sleep – “5 surprising ways your mattress affects your sleep and health” – among others.

Why is a natural or organic mattress an important choice compared to the typical mattress? We won’t go into detail in this article, but we’ve written about health and mattresses topic here.

Let’s assume that you are ‘sold’ on the fact that natural materials are important for you to have in a mattress. But do you need an Organic Canadian Mattress? And exactly what is an organic mattress?

It’s about Certification

To qualify as an organic mattress, the latex supplier must go through a process to demonstrate to a 3rd party that 95% of the latex that goes into the latex core is in fact organic and not man made synthetic materials mixed with the latex. Our Fawcett latex cores are 100% natural latex, tapped from a rubber tree.

So, an organic mattress has undergone a certification process. A company called “Control Union” has “pioneered the first global standard for organic latex: the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).” GOLS outlines requirements for latex products made from organic raw materials, as well as for material from non-organic origins.

There’s also the Global Organic Textile Standard Standard (GOTS).

 Binding an Organic Mattress on Tape Edge Machine

Does Fawcett Use Certified Organic Latex?

Does Fawcett use GOLS or GOTS certified latex in our mattresses? Yes and No. Our suppliers offer Certified Organic Latex, and we have some in our warehouse as an option for our clients who choose to build their mattress from this (all our mattresses are made-to-order.)

What's Best For Customers?

Our mission is to offer our clients the healthiest mattress providing the best night sleep. So, after significant research we felt we were better serving our clients by utilizing 100% Natural Latex VS Organic.

Why? We are using 100% Natural Latex in our mattresses, VS a blend. Some companies use an 80/20% synthetic blend. Make sure you ask. That said, we are happy to make our clients an Organic Canadian Mattress from certified sources, if that's what you want!

Ultimately, the certification process, in our minds, is the main tangible difference between 100% Natural Latex and Organic latex. The supplier has paid extra to have it certified. The 100% Natural Latex that Fawcett utilizes in its mattresses is tapped from Havea-Brasiliensis rubber trees in a similar manner to how maple syrup is tapped from maple trees.

We feature and generally use Natural Talalay Latex because we think it’s a superior product to Dunlop Organic Latex and the best value for our clients without sacrificing quality or a healthy sleep environment.

Green Home, LEED Certified?

Think of it like this. You can build an incredibly green home, complete with rain water cisterns, solar power, excellent insulation and all sorts of green building practices. But unless you pay an engineer to certify it, and go through the entire cumbersome and expensive process, you won’t be able to call it a LEED certified building.

It’s not just about the Latex cores. Fawcett also uses organic cotton ticking – think – the outside of the mattress that touches your skin. Organic Joma Wool is used as padding that is naturally fire resistant, temperature regulating and moisture wicking. This is the upper most layer below the ticking that offers an incredible sleep surface that will keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer.

How Long Will Natural Talalay Latex Last?

On average, latex mattresses last longer than most other mattress types, especially if they are organic or natural latex mattresses. Organic and natural latex mattresses last 8 to 10 years, and synthetic or latex hybrids last 6 to 8 years, while a traditional innerspring bed lasts on average less than 6 years. In some cases, we have seen firm latex mattresses last more than 15 years.

Which Models Feature 100% Natural Latex?

All our models have 100% Natural Latex. The model 6 , Model 7 and Model 9 feature spring units. If you’re looking for a latex core mattress check out our Model 1 or Model 2. Both feature 6 inch 100% natural latex cores (available in certified organic material for additional fee).

Both also feature the ability to customize firmness side-to-side to better match sleep preferences (back, side or stomach) as well as to better suit small and large people. What are you sleeping on?

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