Buying a Mattress? 3 Considerations.

If you’re like many people, the only thing they consider about buying a mattress is price. But, the older we get, a few aches and pains...and "comfort" and "achieving optimal sleep" becomes first and foremost. Price is one component, but with 1/3 of our life spent in bed, proper sleep & rest is often undervalued. 

A Comfortable Mattress #1

If you’re not comfortable, you can’t sleep. If you can’t sleep you get sick and die. No, really this isn’t dramatic.

There’s a mountain of research linking sleep deprivation with serious and fatal diseases. Read our 7 reasons to get more sleep. It’s not just about avoiding disease or an early death. Good stuff happens when you get more sleep!

But how do you ensure a mattress is comfortable? Firmness levels are important. Generally speaking larger, heavier people need a firmer sleep surface than a smaller lighter person.

However, back-sleepers in general need a firmer mattress than side-sleepers. Here’s where many mattress fail in terms of satisfying two people in the same bed.

What happens if you weigh 280lbs and your spouse weighs in at 100lbs? Who has to sacrifice? 

At Fawcett – no one! All of our mattresses as customizable for firmness from side to side. But, specificallly, our Model 1 and Model 2 mattresses are able to be customized side-to-side. You can have firm one side, and soft or medium, on the other side, for no additional fee.

In addition to customization from side to side, Fawcett also creates each of our mattresses as made-to-order. So you are able to customize materials, firmness – we are only limited by our imagination.

Fawcett Model 6 Mattress

Our Model 6 Hybrid Mattress. Starting at $999. Click to read more.

Mattress Materials #2

This may not seem important at first glance.

But think for a moment. We spend approximately 1/3 of our lives in bed. You’ve got that mattress about 2 inches away from your mouth and your skin is virtually pressed against the mattress material. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and it’s able to absorb things that touch it.

So when you look at how much time we spending bed and that we are constantly pressed against the mattress, it makes perfect sense that you need a mattress that doesn’t emit toxic materials that you may inhale and absorb.

Natural materials cost more. But your health and well being is worth it! Need justification? If you amortize a better quality, higher priced mattress over 10 years, the difference is negligible. 

That said, Fawcett also provides exceptional value for our products. Why? We manufacture our products and offer them direct to the consumer. So our clients are purchasing factory-direct. 

A Mattress Warranty that (actually) Works #3

What happens if your mattress fails? What happens if your it is too firm? Too soft?

All our competitors offer warranties, but when you read the fine print, most of them are next to impossible to actually make a claim.

At Fawcett, we tried to create a transparent warranty, that was simple and easy to understand. Check it out here. We offer a pro-rated warranty over 10 years.

If your mattress fails (which is defined in the details) over the first 2 years, we'll replace it free of charge. We'll even pickup and deliver to you within 35km of Victoria BC for no additional fee.

After 2 years, we apply a pro rated warranty with 12% deducted from the price of a new mattress each year. For example: If, in the unlikely event your mattress fails after the first two years, the cost to the customer is 12% per year calculated at 1% per month. (Year 6 : 4 x 12% = 48% of retail price for a new mattress paid by client)

Getting a new mattress is great. But it isn’t a cure-all for everything. There are many reasons why people can’t sleep. Here are a few key issues to avoid if possible.