Most mattress companies have complicated warranties that are full of small print and confusing legal jargon, but we want to keep it simple.

Fawcett mattresses are covered by a 10 Year Warranty consisting of a 2 year non-prorated warranty, followed by an 8 year prorated warranty. The invoice received at the time of purchase will act as your warranty.

Your mattress was carefully handmade by a team of dedicated and skilled craftspeople, and was built to last for many years. If your Fawcett mattress fails at any time within two years of the original invoice date, we will repair or replace it at no cost to the original purchaser.

Mattress failures include but are not limited to: measurable impressions of 3 cm or more in any area, seam failures, and faulty springs. If your mattress fails after the first two years, the cost to the customer is 12% per year 1% per month. IE (Year 6 : 4 x 12% = 48% of cost)

The organic cotton that we use in our ticking does not contain synthetic fibers such as Lycra, polyester or nylon, and therefore may stretch slightly in high use areas. Over time natural Joma® wool may lose some of it’s loft.

This should not affect the comfort of your sleep and will not deteriorate your mattress serviceability – it’s simply a characteristic of the natural materials used. To minimize this effect we recommend rotating and/or flipping your mattress two to four times a year. In the first year we would like to encourage you to rotate your new mattress once every two months.

Comfort Exchange

We want you to be thrilled with your new mattress. The best way to avoid comfort issues is for you to spend as much time as possible in our showroom trying out the various models and firmnesses before placing your order.

Your body can take 2 to 4 weeks to adjust to a new mattress. Please take this time to adapt and to truly assess your requirements. What you experience in the first few days of sleeping on your new mattress could be very different from what you experience after giving yourself time to attune to this new sleep surface.

If after 2 to 4 weeks, you feel that a change is needed, we are here for you. Be it more firmness or more softness – we offer a low-cost comfort edit on our Model One, Model Nine and Model Nine S mattresses.

Because of the way Model Six, Model Seven and Model Eight mattresses are made, we are not able to offer comfort edit on them. However, there are still ways of making slight adjustments to the sleep surface by adding firmer or softer topper options. Please talk to any of our sales team if you would like to know what options are available and at what cost.

We are committed to making you comfortable!

Care Instructions

One of the best ways to care for your Fawcett mattress is by investing in a high quality, machine washable mattress protector. It will extend the life of your mattress and keep it free from stains, while also acting as a temperature regulator and a barrier against moisture, allergens and dust mites.

As an additional bonus our clients receive 15% off all sleep accessories available in our showroom and on our website fawcettmattress.com

To ensure maximum longevity and freshness of your mattress, it must be located on a ventilated and breathable support system and be located in a heated room.

Should your mattress need it, spot cleaning can be done by dabbing with a mild detergent and cold water on a clean cotton cloth. We also recommend occasional vacuuming of your mattress.

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