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Insomnia ?

Do you suffer from Insomnia ?

You’re not alone. A University of Laval report in 2011 suggests that Sleep disorders affect 40% of Canadians.

Their data revealed that 40% of respondents had experienced one or more symptoms of insomnia at least three times a week in the preceding month, i.e., taking more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, being awake for periods longer than 30 minutes during the night, or waking up at least 30 minutes before they had planned. Moreover, 20% of the participants said they were unsatisfied with the quality of their sleep, and 13.4% of respondents displayed all the symptoms required to diagnose insomnia.

Are you female? Chances are you have a harder time falling asleep than a male.

A 2017 Statistics Canada Sleep study, conducted among Canadians aged 18 – 64 demonstrated that 55% women and 43% of men reported trouble falling asleep sometimes or most/all of the time.

Lack of sleep, both duration and quality, is associated with obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, injuries, death from all causes, depression, irritability and reduced well-being, the researchers said.

So, the question is, if you’re not getting enough sleep? What’s the big deal?

Most people realize that insomnia can negatively impact your health – in a serious way. There’s mountains of research about the impact of insomnia on our physical and mental health.


What can you do about Insomnia?

We found a very thoughtful article about sleep by James Clear that provides some simple, practical strategies on how to sleep better, as well as covering the the following;

I. The Science of Sleep

II. How Sleep Works

III. How to Sleep Better

Uncomfortable in Bed? Well, hey, that’s something we may be able to help with. We’ve offer natural latex mattresses, spring units, and adjustable beds paired with a latex mattress.

Our clients consistently tell us just how darn comfortable our mattresses are.

What are you sleeping on?

We’re not sure we can cure your insomnia. But a fantastic mattress is a step in the right direction.


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