Weighted Blanket

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Kouchini Weighted Blanket
kouchini weighted blanket box corner view
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Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket

New! The Kouchini Weighted blanket is filled with glass bead pellets. Aides in reducing stress, anxiety and helps promote better sleep.
255 TC Cotton Inner Cover
Outer Cover Machine Washable
Soft Luxurious Microfiber Outer
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Comforting and Relaxing

The Kouchini weighted blanket is luxuriously soft and designed to "hug your body" providing a comforting and relaxing feeling. These blankets are perfect for either sleeping under, having a nap on the sofa, or curled up by the fireplace with a favourite novel.


But have you heard some of the science behind weighted blankets? We were skeptical, but then we started reading...and there is interesting research behind the why a weighted blanket may help us feel better.

Some research indicate that weighted blankets could reduce cortisol (our stress hormone) and increase serotonin and dopamine - two neurotransmitters that really help our mood. In plain speak, this is good. However, let's be clear, there is no guarantee a weighted blanket will do this for you. Please seek medical advice from your qualified physician.

Feeling of Being Hugged

Weighted blankets help apply 'deep pressure stimulation' or DPS to the person under the blanket. The blanket creates a similar feeling to being firmly hugged or touched, and research indicates this relaxes the nervous system.

Wool Duvets

Also popular is our Kouchini Wool Duvet. Lighter of course than a weighted blanket, but, with fantastic temperature regulation qualities. Another option? The Kouchini Silk Duvet is a great option for hot summer evenings or warm sleepers in warm buildings.

What Weight of Blanket to Choose?

A general rule is for a person to consider 10% of their body weight. It may not seem heavy at 20lbs, but in the form of a blanket, that weight can be awkward to handle. If you're using it as a throw on the sofa or for reading, you may consider a 10lb or 15lb blanket. Our recommendation is the 10 or 15 lb blanket unless you're very strong and big.


    • Glass bead pellets fill
    • 2 Covers: Outer cover 200gsm Carol Fleece + 80gsm microfiber & washable; & soft to touch
    • Second Inner Cover - weighted blanket 255 TC Cotton
    • Available in 10, 15 and 20 lbs
    • Approximate Size 47" x 72"
    • Machine washable outer cover, hand wash only inner
All pillows, protectors and bedding are personal items and are not returnable for healthcare reasons unless there is a clear manufacturer's defect.
Approximate size: 47” X 72”
Glass bead pellets fill | Outer cover features 200gsm Carol Fleece + 80gsm microfiber | Inner weighted blanket cover is 255 TC Cotton | Machine washable outer cover
We stand by the products we offer. We will help act on a manufacturer’s warranty issues or claims which may be required for at least one year from date of purchase. Kouchini products carry a manufacturer's 3 year warranty. All pillows, protectors and bedding are personal items and are not returnable for healthcare reasons unless there is a clear manufacturer's defect.