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Covid-19 – Coronavirus Resources

Covid 19 Resources Vancouver Island

The Covid-19 situation has turned most of the world upside down. We’ve put together some of the resources that we found useful to monitor and make sense of what’s happening. We’re hoping you are keeping well, and safe during these challenging times.

Important! We are not recommending any action be taken by any information provided by these links. Please consult your physician for any medical advice.

First, here’s some sleep resources:

And for those of you that thrive on data…

  1. WorldOMeter Coronavirus counts & number of test completed in over 200 countries.
  2. Global Dashboard by Johns Hopkins University – most of you have probably seen.
  3. Canadian Gov’t site for Covid-19 cases, current situation and risk factors.
  4. Canadian Government Site for relief and help.
  5. British Columbia Dashboard for Covid-19 with specific counts for Vancouver Island, top right.
  6. BC Center for Disease Control website and modelling & projections as of April 14th.
  7. Island Health Website re Covid-19
  8. Social Distancing Scoreboard for the USA and which industries have seen the largest downturn.
  9. Detailed Covid-19 information on Washington State, our neighbour to the south.
  10. Covid-19 Projections for the Pandemic in the United States through August 1 2020
  11. An “Epidemic Calculator” – this is probably really for those of you who really like numbers and statistics – but very interesting.
  12. Open Table is a restaurant reservation service. View their open source data of restaurant reservations compared to last year. Basically all -100% now, but was mixed, and as things slowly open up will change.
  13. Our hearts go out to everyone affected. But the Italians have been some of the most severely hit. Here’s a detailed look at Italy and the areas most affected.
  14. How Coronavirus is affecting people in a different manner than some health professionals have ever seen before. Via the New York times.
  15. Google has provided mobility trends, according to anonymous cell phone tracking.
  16. Want to build your own chart or graph with a few clicks of your mouse? provides the tools.
  17. What the Harvard Business Review says about the economic impact of Coronavirus and assessing your business model.

Do you have other resources to add? Drop us an email and let us know. Stay safe. Be vigilant. And whatever you do….

DO NOT DRINK BLEACH!….or take Horse De-Wormer! 

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