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Mattress Bed in a Box?

Mattress in a Box

So you’ve been thinking about getting a new mattress. And there are these trendy new mattresses that are called “bed in a box”. They are shipped to your residence, and you unpack them…and voila, your mattress is ready! Sounds pretty good?

And for some people, a bed in a box may suit their needs. For example…If you live a long ways from a mattress store – like thousands of kilometres, then it could save some considerable time and expense.

You Get What You Pay For

But we can’t help feel that the mattresses-in-a-box we see for sale online equate to “you get what you pay for”.

When it comes to mattresses many people don’t differentiate between the various materials and components that go into them. Perhaps it’s because mattresses are actually fairly complex – and the materials vary widely.

So what tends to happen is that people default to convenience and price…but…

  • Is a mattress in a box convenient? Yes.

  • Is a mattress in a box inexpensive? Sometimes…in the short run. 

  • Is a bed in a box comfortable? For some people, if they get lucky. 

Mattress Complaints

However, we hear the following complaints about cheap mattresses they bought online from our customers all the time:

  • "It was fairly comfortable for the first 2 years, now it's painful for my back"

  • "It's already starting to show wear after 3 years"

  • "It wasn't inexpensive."

  • "It smelled and I had to leave it in a room to 'air out' for a week before sleeping on it"

Our Model 6 was made for the person who is conscious of what they are bringing into their homes, and wants a more budget oriented solution. Model 6 comes with 2 inches of 100% Natural Talalay Latex over an individual pocket coil spring.

Mattress Components are Not All Equal

The materials & components that go into a mattress are not equal. The cheaper the mattress, the cheaper, and more inferior, the materials. What’s the problem with this? Inferior mattress components often mean:

  • Toxic and even carcinogenic mattress. If your mattress is making you sick, is that worth saving a few pennies a day?
  • Here are 7 signs your mattress may be making you sick.
  • A Less durable mattress. If your mattress needs replacing or has serious wear impressions after a few years, is it really less expensive?
  • Less comfortable. The higher quality materials such as high quality natural latex and springs simply provide a higher degree of comfort.
  • Lack of customization. One size fits all is the norm for most bed in a box mattresses.
  • Poor quality sleep. This one really follows less comfortable, but we think it’s an important point on its own. Poor sleep means poor health. The link between proper sleep and health are strong.

Cheap, Means Cheap

Cheaper mattresses always mean cheaper materials. We pay more for the raw materials that go into some of our mattress, than most toxic mattresses actually cost the consumer. Yes it’s cliche, but true. You get what you pay for.

Fawcett Model 1 Mattress. Natural Talalay Latex, Joma Wool encased in Organic Cotton.

Cheap Can Mean Toxic

Even worse, many toxic mattresses are not cheap! (especially if they need replacing in a few years) We’ve seen bed-in-a-box models priced in the same range our mattresses made with natural talalay latex, organic cotton & organic joma wool. Ours are customized for the individual and hand-made by our amazing Fawcett mattresses craftsmen What’s with that?? Hint. We’re factory direct.

So, it begs the analysis, let’s compare an amazing Fawcett mattress to a Bed-in-a-box mattress!

It’s an easy choice! What are you sleeping on?
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