Natural Latex Mattress in Vancouver?


Natural Latex Mattress in Vancouver?

We’re based in Victoria BC. But a number of our clients have found us online and were looking for a quality, custom natural latex mattress in Vancouver. And so it begins…

Many clients have made the trip to Victoria from Vancouver just to check out Fawcett. Other have been over visiting family and friends and come in for a look. We don’t generally offer sales on natural or organic mattresses.

Occasionally, we’ll refresh our showroom stock for new models, and offer our floor models to our existing clients for 15-20% off. But that’s it.

Why no regular sales like the other guys?

Always "the best" price

We’re putting in high quality natural talalay latex into our mattresses and it’s worth the price.

You know you’re getting the best price you can obtain, year round. And it’s a fair price. At some mattress shops, a “$2,000 mattress” will “go on sale” for $1,000 – regularly. A few times a year.

In our minds, this is ‘smoke and mirrors’ and the mattress was probably only worth $1,000 to begin with.

Transparent pricing

Our model 1 is an all latex natural mattress, and in a Queen size model is priced at $1999. With a Fawcett Mattress, you get a natural high quality mattress for about the same price as you'll see at big box stores.


One of our goals is to offer fair and transparent pricing. We think we achieve that.

Back to Vancouver

So if you’re reading this, and you live in Vancouver or the lower mainland, how do you purchase a incredible Fawcett natural latex mattress while residing in Vancouver? There’s a couple logical ways to go about this.

  • Our model 6 mattress is our best priced, and also a mattress that ‘fits’ a wide variety of sleep styles and body sizes. We call it our “goldilocks mattress.” You can reliably purchase this mattress online from our eStore and most people are going to love the mattress. It’s also a great choice for any second bedroom or vacation home.
  • Telephone consultation. This is a good idea when considering a natural latex mattress? There’s a choice of our natural latex core Model 1, as mentioned above. Or our natural latex core Model 9 is our most luxurious mattress.

Phone Consultation For Distant Clients

We’ve had a number of clients purchase our mattresses via a 15 minute telephone consultation, and so far all has been good! The consultation involves determining firmness, and sleep style. Are you a side, back or stomach sleeper? Are you a large or small person? Do you prefer a soft or firmer mattress?

From there, we can customize the mattress side-to-side as well. If one partner prefers firm, and the other soft? No problem. If there are significant size differences – IE one partner is 100lbs and the other is 250 lbs, they need different support and firmness levels.

These topics usually don’t come up when you head to the local mattress shop, because they have a one-size-fits both couples point of view – generally speaking.

So, sure there are some risks of buying online. We can help mitigate that through a thoughtful consultation process. There’s definitely risks in buying a one-size-fits all / both partners approach too. Drop us a line at 1.250.384.2558 and let’s see if it makes sense for you to look at Fawcett mattress.