Fawcett Expanded Mattress Showroom and Manufacturing Facility

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In January of 2019 we set out to begin planning for renovations for Fawcett’s showroom and manufacturing facility. We were excited by the ability for better flow for manufacturing, as well as for more showroom floor space to feature a few more mattresses.

So, in February of 2019, we leased a temporary retail location on Herald street in Victoria. It was quite an interesting forray for us. Better location for walk by traffic? For sure. Better for parking? Not so much. Would our existing clients find us? How about new ones, would they venture “downtown” and brave the traffic and parking challenges?

There definitely was some “good” in being downtown. But, without question, we missed having all Fawcett team members under “one roof”. (We kept mattress production and assembly at our John Street location.)

Other challenges, included building mattresses while renovating…easy to say, not so easy to accomplish! It was tough. – Really challenging, for the production crew. However, calmer heads prevailed, and production chugged along.

Renovations. Things got more complicated as we proceeded. Who would have ever have thought “renovations” could morph and change over time –  due to unforeseen circumstances? Can you relate?

We’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say we’re really happy with how things have turned out! Why black and white images? Well it was raining. So we thought why not? 

Adjacent to our showroom, is our expanded production facility. If you’re a Fawcett client and have already been to our showroom, well then you’d know, that there used to be a couple of machines behind the showroom.

Many of the processes such as cutting, and assembling mattresses were previously completed in our warehouse area. Here are the 24 foot windows looking into the manufacturing area.

Mattress Shop Window to Production Area
Windows to our Production Area 

And for our new production space, we’ve got another ‘build up’ table, an extra industrial serger, as well as an additional ‘tape edge’ machine enroute.

Ah yes, we understand these terms and machinery are generally meaningless to most people. But, these machines help us efficiently make amazing, custom mattresses at about the same price for mass-produced toxic alternatives!

Here’s a look from the back of our new production area. Come down for a look and a tour of what we’re up to.

Attached to the showroom and manufacturing area, is our warehouse. It’s the place where we store the relatively “immediately needed” mattress production supplies and materials are stored.

We also have about 10,000 square feet of warehouse at another facility 1 km away, where we receive major shipments – like a container load of our 100% natural talalay latex when it arrives.

Also renovated and revitalized, is our “living wall”. Did you know that 1 meter squared of green living wall extracts 2.3 kg of CO2 out of the air on an annual basis?

Even better, the same wall will contribute 1.7kg of oxygen into the air. It may not sound like much, but hey – we’re talking about very light gasses here – rrrrright? Breath easy. Sleep well. 

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by. Heck, if you’re not, stop by. We’re pretty close to any route in and out of downtown Victoria.

Next? We’re working on a new Fawcett website, to be released…well soon. We’ve already been at it for months, and websites can be a lot like renovations…. They usually take longer than planned!

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