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Adjustable Bed and Mattress


We’ve combined our (new!) Boomerang bed with an adjustable bed and mattress to make a pretty amazing combo.

We’ve sold a ton of adjustable beds over the past 6 weeks…there seems to be something in the water…? or maybe it’s just that a lot of people are discovering how versatile they are. These are not your “hospital variety” of adjustable beds…they do much more.

Adjustable beds can be really useful for therapeutic purpose, such as recovery from surgery, swollen legs, back pain and circulation issues.

They also offer a host of comfort benefits such as massage, customizable from side to side (the bases come as two separate single XL units to configure a King size bed) and a luxurious convenience for reading or watching television.


Featured are:

The new all wood Fawcett Queen Size Boomerang Bed, available in White Oak or Black Walnut,  starting at $3295  – in White Oak.

Featured in this image, is also the amazing Fawcett Model 2 all Latex Mattress – priced at $3299 (Queen) The adjustable beds also work very well with our all latex Model 1 mattresses.

Adjustable base, Leggett & Platt mechanism, starting at $1889 in Queen Size

Come on down and give it a try!


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