The Fawcett Warranty

Our Warranty is a no-nonsense and practical warranty that actually ‘works’. Sure you can find a ’25 year mattress warranty’ from other companies. But seriously, just try to make a claim on that ;-). The fine print often makes other warranties virtually useless.

Fawcett Mattress Warranty

Most mattress companies have complicated warranties that are full of small print and confusing legal jargon, but we want to keep it simple.

Fawcett mattresses are covered by a simple 10 Year Warranty. The invoice received at the time of purchase will act as your proof of warranty. This warranty is non-transferable. If your Fawcett mattress fails within 10 years of the original invoice date, we will repair or replace it at no cost to the original purchaser. Mattress failures include but are not limited to: measurable impressions of 3 cm or more in the sleep surface area, poor craftsmanship or material failure. In some cases video or images may be utilized in conjunction with our team to determine if a mattress is eligible for a warranty claim. However, in the event we are not able to verify a warrantable defect remotely, the customer is then obligated to return the mattress to Fawcett Mattress at their expense for our personnel to inspect and verify any manufacturer’s defects. 

The organic cotton that we use in the sleep surface of your mattress is a non-elastic, natural material and therefore may stretch slightly in high use areas. Natural Joma® wool may lose some of its loft over a period of time. This will not affect the comfort of your sleep and will not diminish your mattress’ serviceability. It's simply a characteristic of the natural materials used. To minimize this effect we recommend rotating and/or flipping your mattress two to four times per year. In the first year we encourage you to flip and/or rotate your new mattress once every month. 

Your new mattress is intended to be placed on a well crafted and purposefully built slatted bed frame, solid base or box-spring. The mattress base has to be able to provide adequate ventilation and support to you and your mattress. The average adult may exhaust as much as a kilogram of water vapour per night. Some of this vapour is absorbed by your mattress. This moisture naturally dissipates with proper ventilation at regular room temperature. Excessive room humidity (over 60%) slows down this process and may promote mould or mildew growth. We recommend reaching a room temperature which exceeds 20°C for a period of at least 12 hours each day. If you are uncertain whether your sleep environment is well suited for a natural Fawcett mattress or have any other questions regarding your warranty please contact one of our sales representatives. Unfortunately, failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in your warranty being voided. 

If you are uncertain that your sleep environment is well suited for a natural Fawcett mattress or have any other questions regarding your warranty please contact one of our sales representatives.

There are no refunds for our mattresses. The logic behind this is that everyone needs a mattress to sleep on, so we developed a "comfort exchange" as noted below.

We don't believe in 100 night 'sleep trials' as it promotes waste, and most of those returns end up in landfills. This strategy is terribly wasteful and environmentally destructive. Instead, read more about our comfort exchange below.

We want you to be thrilled with your new mattress. If you find that your mattress is not meeting your expectations regarding comfort or firmness level we have a few solutions for you.

If you find that your mattress is not meeting your expectations regarding firmness or comfort level we have a few solutions for you. Note, it may take your body 2 to 4 weeks to adjust to your new bed. What you experience in the first few days could be very different from what you will experience after giving yourself some time to acclimate.

In the case where you find your mattress too firm, one of the best ways to improve upon your comfort level is an addition of a mattress topper. We can provide a significant discount to help get you comfortable. 

If after sleeping on your 2", 3" or 4" mattress topper for 100 nights or less and you determine you need a softer or firmer topper, we can provide a comfort exchange for $99 across Canada. 

If an additional mattress topper is not a suitable solution you can exchange your mattress for the same model of a different firmness or configuration for a nominal delivery fee of $99.

This fee includes delivery to your home in South Western British Columbia. If you live outside South Western British Columbia (Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland) the delivery fee is $299.

These options are available to you for a period of up to 100 days from the date of original delivery and are contingent on the use of a high quality Fawcett or similar new mattress protector. One comfort exchange is permitted. If you would like more information simply reach out and we will do our best to clarify. Note. Any mattresses listed on our Garage Sale product page are not eligible for a comfort exchange. All sales are final for Garage sale items.

Please speak with any of our team if you would like to know what options are available within your first 100 nights of sleeping.

We are committed to making you comfortable!

One of the best ways to care for your Fawcett mattress is by investing in a high quality, machine washable mattress protector. It will extend the life of your mattress and keep it free from stains, while also acting as a temperature regulator and a barrier against moisture, allergens and dust mites.

To ensure maximum longevity and freshness of your mattress, it must be located on a ventilated and breathable support system and be located in a heated room.

Should your mattress need it, spot cleaning can be done by dabbing with a mild detergent and cold water on a clean cotton cloth. We also recommend occasional vacuuming of your mattress.