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    4 products
    3 inch multi-stretch organic cotton mattress topper
    2″ Natural Latex Topper
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    3" Natural Latex Topper
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    fawcett custom 100% natural latex mattress topper
    4" Premium Natural Latex Topper
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    Discover The Right Mattress For You

    All Latex vs Hybrid Mattress

    Some people like the feel of an all Latex Mattress, and others prefer our Pocket Coil Spring mattresses (Hybrid Mattress)

    However, whether you choose an All Latex or Hybrid mattress we utilize the highest quality, natural and earth friendly materials available.

    All of our mattresses and toppers are designed and built by a team of talented Canadians (Victoria BC!) who take great pride in their work.

    We believe that we all have slightly different sleeping preferences and requirements. What works for one person, likely won’t be suitable for another.

    Each specific mattress creates a unique feel for the bed. When evaluating focus on the aspects that are most important to you. No kidding!

    But really… It’s worth mentioning that all of our models can be customized to have a firmer or softer feel. Just ask us and we’ll help.

    Although we have many mattress models and firmnesses, all of our mattress are made with longevity and comfort in mind.

    To make sure that you have made the right selection we will be in touch with you after your online purchase.

    We’ll do a comprehensive telephone consultation to ensure that your new bed is configured to give you the best night’s sleep possible.

    Our all Latex Mattresses are made using only 3 materials. 100% Natural Talalay Latex, Organic Cotton and Joma Wool®.

    This makes it an all natural mattress, with no synthetic components (apart from the thread).

    Upon your request we can make your mattress using Organic GOLS Certified Dunlop latex rubber for no additional fee.

    Fawcett’s All Latex mattresses are fully reversible and are a superior choice to minimize motion transfer.

    Our Model 1 is beautiful and simple and our most popular model.

    If budget is no option, and you want the most luxurious mattress we make, then the Model 2 is it.

    Both of these latex mattresses are ideally suited for use with adjustable beds. These mattresses can also be made in complex shapes and sizes.

    - All Natural Talalay Latex – no synthetic components
    - Adjustable bed compatible
    - Motion transfer reduction
    - Available in Organic Latex
    - No metal components

    Fawcett Hybrid mattresses feature highly durable and supportive high coil count, individually pocketed innerspring. Coils are fabric-encased, allowing them to move independently of each other. This provides a familiar springy feel and support.

    In comparison with our All Latex mattresses, Hybrids tend to be a bit thicker, allowing  you to achieve a desired sleep surface height.

    Utilizing a spring unit instead of a latex core reduces weight and reduces the price of these models.

    - Enhanced edge support
    - Familiar bounce
    - Extra thickness
    - Lighter weight
    - Lower cost

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