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Freestanding Bed Bases, Adjustable Beds, Bamboo Beds, Bamboo Nightstands and of course Chests & Dressers for your Bedroom.

Bamboo grows to full maturity in less than 5 years. We harvest one of Earth’s fastest growing plants straight from bamboo forests in China to design naturally beautiful furniture in a process that is environmentally friendly and helps sustain our planet.

Adjustable beds have become very popular. It used to be that they were for people who may have had mobility issues. Now? A split King for couples is the new mode of luxury, where one can articulate the bed into "zero gravity" position for reading or relaxing. Anti snore mechanisms are a favourite of spouses with snoring partners!

We made a few design tweaks to our wood slatted base made in FSC Certified Beechwood. Many people don't realize how critically important a proper support system is for healthy and comfortable sleep. It's not just about the mattress...but also what the mattress lays on!

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