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Many people spend a lot of time getting their mattress firmness and comfort right. Often, pillows are overlooked.

Proper support of your neck and head is critical for spinal alignment and comfort. 

So, everyone wants to be comfortable, but what's the right choice of material?

Latex? Wool? Down? Those are the three materials the pillows we offer contain.

Our moulded Natural Talalay Latex Pillows are our favourite, and most popular. They provide excellent support and help keep your head aligned with your spine - "spinal alignment".

Sounds good? The question then becomes whether to choose "Low Loft" or "High Loft" latex pillows. Generally we steer people who are smaller and back sleepers towards low loft, and larger people and/or side sleepers towards high loft Latex Pillows.

A Contoured Latex Pillow is also another option, for those who are seeking this special stype of contour for neck support.

That said, some people love down pillows, and the Fawcett Down Pillow provides exceptional value in this category.

Last, but not least, our highly popular Wool Pillows are naturally temperature regulating and one of our top selling pillows.

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