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What’s in a Pillow? Talalay Latex

Warning & Disclaimer: This post may sound sound like a shameless advertising plug for our products. But’s it’s not! These pillows are amazing. Really.

What’s in a pillow?

All pillows are the same, right? That’s what most of us thought before working at Fawcett. Then, over the years, a number of us that work here have bought pillows. The most popular pillow we sell is the Fawcett Natural Talalay Latex pillow. My wife absolutely loves it.  She’s a health care practitioner, and recommends Fawcett natural latex pillows for her clients for issues with neck pain.

Try the Pillow

So one weekend when my wife was away, I decided to give this Fawcett Natural Talalay Latex pillow a try. I’ve never been really picky about things like pillows. I mean, how different can they be? Well, pretty different. I’m converted. Both of us now take the pillows with us while on vacation if we’re driving – and have room in the vehicle.

After that weekend of “wow, this thing really is amazing” epiphany, I promptly bought my own matching natural talalay latex pillow. Duane, a CoFounder of Fawcett loves these pillows, but says they aren’t a “magic” solution – or going to heal all of our client’s neck issues. True, of course. However, I had already nicknamed it my “magic pillow”. So too late!

A Pregnancy Pillow ?

We’ve had some clients ask if this natural latex pillow could be used as a pregnancy pillow. Sure, not in the traditional sense though. It’s pillow that works well between one’s knees when side sleeping, so that could help with proper body alignment when expecting a newborn.

Other Benefits

Some other benefits & notes about this pillow are:

  • Naturally antimicrobial, dust mite resistant & hypoallergenic
  • Durable; maintains shape and consistency
  • Sleeps cooler than a traditional or down pillow
  • Doesn’t off-gas; just like our mattresses!

Ready now? Wait no longer, and purchase your awesome pillow online, or in-store @ Fawcett: 408 John Street in Victoria BC. Free shipping anywhere Canada Post delivers. Local Victorian’s rejoice – you can save $15 by picking up locally – use Coupon Code LOCAL15



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