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Weighted Blanket Canada

Weighted Blanket - Canada

There has been a lot of hype about weighted blankets in Canada. Are they worth it? Many people sure think so. There also is a ton of research into the therapeutic benefits of weighted blankets.

Weighted Blanket Research

OK. So, weighted blankets are trendy and popular. But do they really work? Do they help people sleep better? We dug around to find some research on the topic and hope the following helps.

Researchers in Sweden explored both subjective and objective data in respect of how a weighted blanket could affect sleep. Objectively, they found that sleep time increased as well as a decrease in movements. Subjectively, their patients liked the weighted blanket, found it easier to fall asleep and they felt more refreshed in the morning. These all sound like big ‘wins’ to us!

Studies at Harvard Medical School notes that weighted blankets can be an effective therapy for people with anxiety or autism. Much the way we swaddle newborns, the weighted blanket provides a ‘hug like” effect.

Doctors do say that if you are affected with any of the following sleep disorders, check with your physician before using a weighted blanket.

  • sleep apnea
  • certain other sleep disorders
  • respiratory problems or other chronic medical conditions.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine quotes another Swedish study with subjects that had chronic insomnia. 92% of the weighted blanket users were favorable ‘responders’ getting more and better sleep, and 78% were in remission from their chronic sleep and anxiety disorders.

So, We At Fawcett Decided To Start Carrying One!

We’re carrying the Kouchini Weighted Blanket. Kouchini sleep products are a favourite amongst our clients. Mattress protectors, pillows and their wool duvet are some of the most popular items. Kouchini’s weighted blanket is filled with glass beads, microfiber pellets. All weighted blankets are heavier than a standard blanket.

They are designed to apply pressure across the body promoting relaxation. This blanket can aid in reducing, stress, anxiety and insomnia allowing for better sleep!

This blanket features two covers. One, the outer microfiber cover is 100% machine washable. The inner cover, is cotton.

Approximate size: 47” X 72”


  • Weighted blanket on outer cover and a Weighted Inner
  • Outer cover 200gsm Carol Fleece + 80gsm microfiber
  • Inner weighted blanket 255 TC Cotton
  • Machine washable (outer cover)

Available Weight: 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs

How heavy? A general rule for sleeping is roughly 10% of your body weight. But that varies from person to person, based on personal preference.

Available in a stunning charcoal.

Free shipping weighted blanket in Canada.
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