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Tiny Houses – Are they Right for You?

Why Tiny Houses?

We’re going a bit off topic in this post. Tiny Houses.

What do Tiny Houses have to do with Sleep, Health and Wellness?

Probably nothing. At least we haven’t made a link yet.

But, what we do know, is that many of our readers are interested in the topic! So, why not do an post about Tiny Houses?


Why do some people like Tiny Houses?

  1. Affordable payments & low initial investment
  2. Don’t need much land
  3. They are minimalists
  4. Portability. You can take many of them with you!
  5. They care about the environment and desire a smaller 'footprint'.

Does that sound like you? We love the idea…BUT, if you have a few kids, a dog, cat, goldfish, piglet – you get the idea. It could be a bit cramped.

Anyways, we’re going to pretend that we’re either single, or have a partner + at the most, one child.

What’s in a Tiny House? How small/big is it?

Generally, Tiny Houses are less than 400 square feet of floor space. This equates to roughly 40 x 10 or 33.3 x 12.

However, many are much smaller – as small as 100 square feet! 10 x 10 …whoa. That’s tight. Of course, we recall university dorm rooms being about that size. Hmmm

How’d the trend start? Author Sara Susanka  wrote a book in 1997 called “The Not So Big House” – which many credit for starting the trend.

Tiny houses typically have the same style of amenities that you may find in a RV or Trailer.They generally have a more upscale finish, and many feature sleeping lofts, giving the downstairs more living area.

Tiny Houses for the Homeless?

A number of cities and towns are utilizing tiny houses as a solution to house the homeless.

In fact, the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti’s administration,  has offered homeowners 75,000 loans to build a tiny house in their backyard to those who will rent them to the city’s homeless.

After 10 years, the city forgives the loan, and the homeowner can turn it into a regular rental or airbnb it!

Even local BC communities are getting into the trend.

One man has designed a 12 square foot home. No, that’s not a typo. While this doesn’t appeal to anyone we know, if you’re homeless, it could be a dry place to sleep.

The Verdict

We love the idea, the concept. But for us? It’s just too darn small. Kudos to those who can reduce their footprint, and live simply.

Need a mattress for a tiny house? You know where to find it. We’ll make a custom mattress for any tiny house or RV or Boat for that matter. 

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