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Slatted Bed Base – Start with a Solid Foundation

Slatted Bed Base

We found a design and supplier in Italy that we felt was a great fit for Fawcett. So we reached out, and asked them if they would produce a slightly modified slatted bed base for us. We asked for these modifications to improve upon their great design. 


Center Image of Slatted Wood Bed Base


Ergonomic Comfort

The manner in which our slatted bed base is constructed allows some flexibility or suspension. This creates a mildly softer sleep surface than if the mattress was placed directly on a “solid top” – or platform. Box Springs also typically have little or no ‘give’ them as well. It can be dropped in to an existing frame, as long as there is sufficient side-to-side support (aka cross-slats).

Chemical Free

The frame is made entirely of laminated beech plywood from a certified sustainably managed source. The plywood is curved using a heat process with non-polluting resins, and is absolutely chlorine free.

Fawcett Slatted Wood Italian Bed Base

FSC Certified wood. Our Fawcett designed Italian made slatted base includes 13.75″ solid beech legs. A range with all the basic variants to satisfy quality and price issues. Silent rubber holders carry the slats inside the frame making it sturdy and durable.

The exclusive Dynaflex® slat is tested by the prestigious German institute W.KLAUDITZ- INSTITÜT FRAUENHOFER to guarantee the right degree of humidity, stability, resistance and flexibility.

Next simply add a Fawcett Mattress, and you’ve got the perfect healthy sleep environment!

Special project? Different size bed or mattress? No problem. We’ll create almost anything to suit your needs.

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