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No compromises. Customize mattress firmness side to side.



No Sacrificing Comfort

At Fawcett, one of the amazing things we can do is customize mattress firmness side to side. Generally when you buy a mattress, you may have the option of a soft, medium or firm mattress. If you’re single, this may work alright for you. However, if you have a partner that sleeps beside you, one of you may be sacrificing. For instance, larger, heavier people typically tend to need a firmer mattress than smaller lighter people.  As a result of our direct-to-consumer business model, we are able to personalize your mattress just the way you and your partner prefers at no extra cost! 

Customize Your Comfort

If you can’t agree on one firmness, we can individualize each side of the mattress by using different firmnesses of latex on either side! In keeping with our all-natural methodology, the latex is joined together with a water-based adhesive, for comfortable, seamless construction! 

There are actually 4 choices of firmness levels at Fawcett:

Here are some general guidelines – comfort & firmness is subjective.

  • Soft – usually too soft for 95% of people. However, a good fit for elderly or lighter adults who like a very soft mattress.
  • Medium – middle of the road firmness, great for guest bedrooms, a second home,  and anyone who likes a medium mattress.
  • Firm – a good fit for people that like the feel of a firmer mattress, often back sleepers.
  • Extra Firm – recommended for larger people that like the feel of a very firm mattress.

Customizing your mattress for firmness is available in all of our mattresses to a certain degree. Our natural latex foam core models, M1, and M9 will represent the most noticeable difference in firmness compared to our inner spring models the M6, M7, and MV.

So you simply choose your preference and we’ll customize your side to your needs. Your partner can choose the firmness they like. No compromises, happy sleeping.

Canada Wide Shipping

Not sure which one is right for you? Come into Fawcett if you live on Vancouver Island and we can help. If you live too far away for a visit, give us a call and talk to one of our experts. They can help you make the right choice for you and we’ll ship anywhere in Canada. 

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