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Movember, for Mental Health

Hi Fawcett Friends,

A message from our valued, and most illustrious (sales)person who helps our clients choose the right mattress! He’s participating in Mo(vember) have you heard of it?

Each November, men are encouraged to grow a moustache or beard to support tackling challenges such as prostate cancer and mental health.

Hello friends of Fawcett,
My name is Ixara. I am raising money for men’s mental health and suicide prevention this Movember.

My goal is $1000. I chose to donate to men’s mental health as I believe that this is a fundamental issue that is not addressed enough in our society.

Did you know that men commit suicide 3 to 4 times more than women? I believe this is a bi-product of gender norms not enabling men to express emotions freely or have access to proper emotional outlets.

I am hoping that with your help, my fundraising will aid and assist in helping curb the suicide epidemic by 25% by 2025.

Please take a look and donate to my movember page

Wishing you many nights of restful sleep.


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