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Local Mattress Shop…with some (big) distinctions!

 At Fawcett, we’re a different kind of mattress shop. Let us count the ways.


1. Customization.

This is really cool. Normally you can choose a softer or firmer mattress. But at this local mattress shop, we actually can make one side (left or right) firmer, and one side softer. So if you like a firmer mattress, and your partner likes a softer mattress, there’s no compromise. This option is available in our M1, MV, M7, and M9 mattress options.

2.  More customization.

A variation of our M6 mattress is the mattress you can flip for a softer mattress on one side, and firmer on the other side. The M8 is a fully reversible "flippable" hand tufted mattress. A 6" spring unit wrapped in cotton felt, with 2" of 100% Natural Talalay Latex on the ‘top’, and ‘bottom’. We’ll let you decide which is the top, and which is bottom.

3. Natural materials.

About 90% of all mattresses sold worldwide are not made with sustainable natural materials. The average person spends 33% of their life in bed. We’re not doctors at Fawcett, but we think it’s a good idea to sleep with natural, non off-gassing materials VS toxic chemicals.

4. We’re local!

In Victoria BC. So, for clarity, we’re relatively local if you live on or around Vancouver Island. Unless you consider BC local, then we are local for anyone in BC. How about Canada? Yes. We can ship an awesome Fawcett mattress anywhere in Canada.

5. Open Kitchen Concept.

Our mattress shop is unique. We create our mattresses right before your eyes. Now this isn’t something you’ll slate for a Saturday night date, but it is very interesting to see the process. Our master craftsmen are happy to spend the time explaining exactly what’s going into your mattress.  Visit us in person at the corner of John and Turner streets – just near the Bay street bridge. If you’re from more than 300 km away, ignore point number 5.

6. Smoke and Mirrors.

I think we have a mirror at Fawcett, but there is no smoke. We have made the purchasing process transparent and simple. You won’t find big sales and hype. We believe in fair, consistent pricing. Our no-commission sales people are trained to help you achieve the best sleep possible. That’s our goal.

There’s more. But this blog post would be too long, and we need to save something for our next post!

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