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Is it Bad to Sleep with Makeup on?


Is It Bad To Sleep With Makeup On?

This is a question most men don’t have to ask themselves. But most women that wear makeup have been told that wearing makeup to bed is a no-no. But is it really bad?

It’s not that wearing makeup to bed is worse than wearing it in the day

says Fayne Frey, MD “The skin does not know the difference between wearing makeup while one is awake and upright for 16 hours versus when one is horizontal and sleeping for eight hours,” Fayne Frey, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist and founder of, told Apartment Therapy. “There is no science that shows wearing makeup to bed is harmful, but there is a deeply ingrained cultural norm to wash the face at nighttime and a lot of speculation!”

Wash Off The Pollution

In an apartment therapy article, Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert for Maple Holistics, expanded on this point, telling us, “Our skin gets covered with dirt, dead skin, and all kinds of pollutants throughout the day. By not scrubbing this outer layer of gunk and dead cells away, you effectively prevent your skin from repairing itself and producing newer, healthier cells.” Included in those pollutants are free radicals, FYI, which break down collagen in your skin and accelerate aging. Read: It could lead to wrinkles.


So, we all know it’s not a good idea. But it happens.

Katia Ameri, CEO and founder of skincare startup Mirra, suggests keeping makeup wipes beside your bed, and then following 3 steps to undo any damage.

  1. Wash your face!
  2. A double cleanse—oil-based cleanser first to break down the oils on your skin, and then follow with a gel or foam-based cleanser—so that you really clear out your pores – says Ameri.
  3. You should then consider applying a detoxifying clay mask to draw out impurities

So there you have it. Not disastrous but good to avoid. Sort of like doughnuts. Once in a while, no problem. Every day, not so great. But make sure you wash that pillowcase. Speaking of pillows. Have you checked out our natural talalay latex pillows? Absolutely fantastic.

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