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Fawcett Square One Sofa


We started from “Square One” with this collection.

First, unfortunately, although we LOVE this sofa, we’ve been so darn busy with producing mattresses that we are unable to make this specialized piece. So we’re not accepting new orders for the Square one. That said, as a tribute to crafting high quality furniture and products, we’re leaving this post up.

The Fawcett square one sofa pieces connect together to form any configuration you desire, and its static cushions make it ideal for the person who doesn’t like the look of loose seats and backs. The Square One keeps it simple; no loose cushions to constantly fluff and rearrange makes this collection very low maintenance.

We build furniture of the highest quality with the most environmentally friendly products available to us.

All of our furniture is constructed of sustainably farmed solid beech and an environmentally harvested ply that has no added urea formaldehyde. We pad our products with natural, fair trade latex and 100% organic and hypo-allergenic wool; the strong synergy between these components results in a product that wicks moisture and regulates temperature while offering maximum comfort.

Our mission is to make better sofas, chairs and mattresses using materials that our clients can feel good about bringing into their homes.

Square One is available in a variety of Fabrics & Wollsdorf FOC Earth vegetable dyed leather top grain leather.

Widths of: 70″, 78″, 88″ and 96″ are available. Priced from $2,940 in Grade A Fabric

Interested in ordering a Square One? Currently not available. Sorry! We’re able to ship across Canada, but if you’re located in Victoria BC, drop by and let’s chat. Actually, since we wrote this, we’ve been focusing on mattresses. So, with that, try our sister company grshop.com for all your sofa needs.



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