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Custom Mattress for RV – Yachts, Boats, Trailers, Motorhomes & Odd Size Beds

We have recently created mattresses for Yachts, RV’s and other custom orders like odd size bunk beds and all sorts of other applications where an exact custom size mattress is required. We’ll also customize mattress firmness and materials according to your specific needs.

Our clients are generally pleasantly surprised regarding price.

We create our custom mattresses made from the most sustainable and natural materials available. It also turns out that these materials – natural talalay latex, 100% organic cotton, and joma wool, also are components which last and provide exceptional comfort.


If you live in Victoria BC, we’ll help measure the required size. If you’re outside of Victoria, we’ll walk you through taking the correct measurements to ensure your final product is exactly what you need.

Airstream trailers or RV? A lot of people are retro-fitting these fine travel machines and updating upholstery as well as  – their sleeping areas with Fawcett Mattresses. VW Vanagon? Chevy Motohome? Winnebago?

We’re able to ship anywhere in North America, heck, probably even overseas to Europe or beyond if that’s where you need the mattress to go. Let us know what we can create for your special project, vehicle or yacht.


Below is a mattress for a 35 foot boat with a V-berth that we created. As you can see, the shape is irregular. No problem! Simply complete the special request form below, and we’ll get back to you ‘tout suite’.


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