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Best Down Pillows ?

Best Down Pillows?

Like many things in life, “the best” is usually subjective.

If we had to make a short list of features of the best down pillows it would be the following:

  1. Ensuring the down is harvested ethically from the animals.
  2. Testing the material to ensure it is authentic down VS feathers.
  3. Loft or fill power. Ours is 600 fill – very good for a pillow.
  4. The integrity of the outer cover. Our outer cover is 100% Organic Cotton, 400 Thread Count.

We have recently received our first shipment of custom designed Fawcett Down pillows. We’re very pleased with how they have turned out. They are high quality and come with some fantastic certifications in respect of the integrity of the down and how it’s obtained.

Our Fawcett down pillows are quite compressed and smaller than you may expect when you first open the package. This is normal! After a few hours, the pillows will “loft up” and become much larger. The wrinkles in the outer cotton layer from being compressed will also become smooth. 

Initially, we were skeptical about down pillows originating overseas. How could we be assured of the quality of the product? and the ethical treatment of the ducks in obtaining the down? So we started doing due-diligence. In order to even be considered as “the best down pillow” we feel documentation and certifications are important. 

The thing that gets us really excited about these Down pillows, is the price point! Comparable pillows of similar quality, generally range from $250 – $375. We’re able to price our Queen Down Pillow at $149 and the King size is $179.

Control Union Down Standard

An organization called Control Union, based in the Netherlands, now operates in more than 70 countries around the world. They perform sustainability certifications and quality control audits. The manufacturer we selected to make our pillows meets these strict Control Union standards, and is certified by Control Union. 

Control Union has created a “Responsible Down Standard” (RDS) which manufacturers and their supply chains are rigorously audited. They audit the quality of the Down the down supply chain. Major animal welfare organizations are involved in this process to ensure integrity.


Downpass is a textile standard organization based out of Germany with an international presence. Animal welfare is a key concern. Processing animal components and transparency in supply chains are also audited. Downpass makes sure that all the products meet the highest ethical standards. Downpass opted for a “zero tolerance” standard audit.

Specifically, this means that our clients can be sure that they will not find material from live plucking or from foie gras production in bedding or pillows!


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