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7 Reasons to Get More Sleep

We can think of dozens of reasons of why more sleep is better. But how about just 7 Reasons to Get More Sleep?

  1. General Health. There are many studies about sleep and health. But what’s important are your long term habits. One night of poor sleep isn’t going to be an issue. But hundreds of nights, over a period of months and years can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes and obesity.

  2. Weight Gain. Lack of sleep can cause our fat burning mechanisms to be less effective, make us crave food and actually changes our fat cells.

  3. More Sex? Research of 171 College age students corresponded with increased desire and 14% more likelihood in having sex the next day.

  4. Better Memory. Lack of sleep ruins our concentration, which makes it tough to read and process similar tasks. Researchers now think that both our declarative and procedural memory are negatively impacted by lack of sleep.

  5. Stronger Immune System. There’s some real science that links a healthy functioning immune system and sleep.

  6. Increasing Human Growth Hormone Production. Hey, even if you’re grown up, HGH is important to healthy functioning of our bodies. It helps us maintain lean muscle mass and stay looking fit and young.

  7. Better Skin. Yes, even your skin benefits from sleep. In one study, good sleepers had 30% more recovery from transepidermal water loss (TEWL) which apparently helps us look better!


Our goal at Fawcett is to try to help our clients get the best night sleep possible. What are you sleeping on?

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