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Naturesoft Organic Pillow Cases

Naturesoft Organic Pillow Cases


NEW! Naturesoft® Organic pillow cases are made from 100% Organic Cotton and are GOTS (Global Organic Textiles) certified. They are crease-resistant and sewn with a Z-hem. These 200-thread-count Percale pillow cases are both natural in look and feel.

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Product Description

Naturesoft® Organic Pillow Cases

NEW! Elevate your sleep with Naturesoft® Organic pillowcases. Each set comes with two GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton pillowcases, featuring a 200 thread count percale fabric that boasts both softness and durability.

  • GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton: Rest easy knowing that your bedding is made from organic materials that promote sustainability and ethical practices.
  • 200 thread count percale fabric: Experience the smooth, cool, and breathable texture of percale that's perfect for any season.
  • Crease-resistant: Wake up to sheets that look pristine and well-kept, with minimal wrinkles for a polished appearance.
  • Z-hem construction: Our sheets are meticulously sewn with a Z-hem, ensuring durability and adding a touch of elegance to your bed. 
  • Comes with 2 pillow cases
  • Manufactured in Pakistan

Organic Cotton Bedding Care Instructions

  • Towels + Sheets/Shams = BAD. Well, not really bad, but in the washing machine at the same time? Yeah, that’s bad. It may seem like a ‘good idea at the time’ - but don’t do it!  Towels can cause a lot of friction on the sheets and this can cause ‘pilling or balling’. No one (we know) likes that.
  • Wrinkles. We can’t help with anti-aging, but let’s talk bedding. If you take your shams out of the washer when  the cycle is done, this will help prevent wrinkles and keep your bedding feeling smooth and soft.
  • Heat. We actually like the heat, especially in Palm Springs or Mexico. However, in respect of cotton, heat is the enemy. It can make cotton shrink & wear prematurely!  Keep the temperature in the “warm” range instead of “hot” in both your washer and dryer and you will be doing your shams a favour.
  • Harsh or Gentle? Kind of a no-brainer, but we recommend using gentle detergent to extend the life of your Fawcett bedding. 


    Naturesoft® Organic Pillow cases are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton precale and are manufactured with a high degree of environmental consideration, meeting the GOTS (Global Organic Textiles) certification.


    Queen - 20” x 33”
    King - 20” x 40”.


    We stand by the products we offer. We will assist to act on a manufacturer’s warranty issues or claims which may be required for at least one year from date of purchase. All pillows, protectors and bedding are personal items and are not returnable for healthcare reasons unless there is a clear manufacturer's defect.