About Fawcett

Fawcett is a furniture and mattress manufacturer based out of a small factory in the Rock Bay neighbourhood of Victoria, BC. We are committed to producing work of an exceptional quality with the finest natural, sustainable and Earth friendly products available. We go to great lengths to obtain the best suited natural materials such as 100% natural Oeko-tex standard 100 Latex rubber foam, organic wool, cotton and hemp. From our organically and sustainably farmed solid beech furniture frames to the Greenguard certified purebond ply used in our custom beds to our single component water-based adhesives, no healthy detail is left to chance.

Meet our team

Everything we make is designed and built by a team of talented Canadians who take great pride in their work

Duane Franklin
Duane is a partner at Fawcett and is also the lead mattress designer, maker and shop manager. His mattress making career began in 1983 out of high school and he spent 17 years with a top mattress and furniture manufacturer followed by an additional 11 years running his own business that focused on mattress manufacturing. This laid the foundation for what has now become Fawcett Mattress Co.Duane's knowledge and passion for the mattress industry is infectious and is best experienced in person. He welcomes you to stop by any time to talk mattresses.In Duane's spare time he likes to stay active and is also a professional touring musician playing the drums in a highly respected Aerosmith tribute band.
Dmitri has been with the team for almost ten years now and is the most versatile person at Fawcett.From the frame shop, to the upholstery shop, right into the mattress shop, there is not much that he can't do.He also plays a role as our "quality Control officer" since anything less than perfection is unacceptable in his eyes.Dmitri studied civil engineering and architecture in Prague before becoming our production manager. When Dmitri is not at Fawcett he stays active hiking, climbing, sailing, traveling and he is also a talented photographer (He even shot many of the images for this web-site)
Steven Annan
Steve manages the showroom and is often the first face you'll see when you walk in the door at Fawcett. He moved to Victoria in early 2016 with his wife and three year old son seeking out the Victoria and West Coast lifestyle. He brings with him a wealth of experience in customer service, managing, training in the restaurant and catering industry as well as a B/A in communications.When Steve is not at Fawcett you'll find him writing, playing guitar, watching movies and chasing his son around Victoria's outstanding playgrounds
Dylan Franklin
Dylan is following in his fathers (Duane) footsteps and joined Fawcett earlier this year. Born and raised right here in Victoria, he is quickly becoming a valuable asset to the team. He is knowledgeable at all facets of manufacturing mattresses and upholstery and can also be seen driving our delivery van and helping with in home installations. His previous experience includes Marine Travel lift operator, Warehouse management and Herman Miller service technician.When he is not at Fawcett, he can be found playing lacrosse, hiking, snowboarding and spending time with girlfriend
Ross Taylor
Ross's claim to fame is that his middle name is Fawcett, which also happened to be his great, great uncles first name. "Fawcett Goward Taylor" Google it if you like. Anyway, Ross hated this name as a child, (Farrah Fawcett's heyday) but he is now quite indifferent to it, so we thought we'd use it in our branding which we've really grown to like and even love. Anyway, back to Ross...he spends his time at Fawcett working on the vision for the company, collaborating with the rest of the team to solve the day to day issues.When he isn't at Fawcett, he can be found pursuing his many passions including everything design, mountain biking, hiking and skiing.
Amber Leask
Amber is a partner at Fawcett and helps keeps our financials in order. If we were handing out titles, she'd be our CFO. We don't know what that means, but we do know that every time Duane and Ross find some really cool and expensive piece of equipment, she tells them to give their heads a shake and get back to work. (Hey Duane, check out this really cool quilting machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwsKdDWr6gw) When Amber isn't at Fawcett, she stays more than busy chasing her three children around. She loves exploring the great outdoors with her family and camping all over Vancouver Island.
Jamie is good buddies with both Ross and Steve and he happened to stop by when we were doing our photo shoot. He's a good looking guy and pretty photogenic, so we thought what the hell, let's take his picture and if nobody reads his profile, at the very least he looks great and it makes our company look bigger than it actually is, which we think makes us look much cooler than we actually are. Thanks for stopping by Jamie!

Our Story

Before becoming partners in Fawcett, Ross Taylor and Duane Franklin each spent 30 years in the upholstery and mattress manufacturing industry, crossing paths many times during that period. In 2012 they decided to join forces and create Fawcett, allowing them to apply all of their knowledge and years of experience to a new line of mattresses and upholstered furniture. They have dedicated themselves to making better, longer lasting products while exclusively using sustainable, non off-gassing materials resulting in a line of products that we take great pride in. Noticing a void in the market and feeling frustrated by the smoke and mirrors of the typical mattress buying experience lead Ross and Duane to create a a showroom experience unlike any other. As Vancouver Island's only mattress manufacturer we offer our clients the unique opportunity to watch through large windows as their mattress is made by our team of skilled craftsmen. The enthusiasm we have for our materials, process and products is evident to anyone who comes to watch our mattresses makers in action.


We are committed to producing work of an exceptional quality with the finest natural, sustainable and Earth friendly products available.

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