Susanne – 5 Star Google Review

If you are considering purchasing a good quality mattress you really need to visit Fawcett.  They are a refreshing alternative to large chain mattress suppliers, and offer a far superior product with excellent no-pressure service at a fair price.  Natural materials weren’t super high on our list when we started looking, and after having “less-than-enjoyable” experiences at the usual mattress stores, one visit to the Fawcett showroom convinced us that natural was the way to go.  When you walk in, there is absolutely no off-gassing smell or chemical smell of any kind.  You can see exactly how the products are constructed.   When you lay on showroom models you feel the difference right away.  The service is excellent.  Buying a mattress can be stressful and costly  which is why it’s important to explore all your options and Fawcett should not be overlooked.  Not only are we now having fantastic supportive sleep, we were able to support a local business with a superior product.  It’s a win all around. Read more Fawcett 5 Star Google Reviews here!

Courtney – 5 Star Google Review

Google 5 Star ReviewI had been looking into an organic mattress for months before I found Fawcett. I had narrowed my search down to an Essential or a Purple mattress, but was concerned about support and customer service after I purchased my mattress. Then a friend recommended Fawcett to me. Having been in the customer service industry all my life, I have high expectations about customer service, particularly when there is a higher price point attached to a product. Steve (the customer service rep on the floor) exceeded all expectations. Knowledgable, friendly, respectful, relatable, and sincere, Steve was able to highlight the aspects of Fawcett that were important to me in a non intimidating fashion. I ended up purchasing a mattress (vegan) on the spot. The whole process was amazing, the delivery gentlemen were great. The mattress itself is divine. I’m on my feet all day, and before my Fawcett mattress I would hobble out of bed in the morning, still sore. Now, I feel rested and refreshed, and my morning pain has disappeared. Let me tell you, I would and have recommend Fawcett to people who want to invest in a mattress that avoids offgassing, is local and can be tailored to specific needs. Further, the customer support they provide after the purchase is sincere and prompt. This is the type of company I am happy to support. Totally worth the money. A big ol thank you to Steve and the team at Fawcett for making this experience amazing!!! Read more Fawcett 5 star google reviews here!

Christine – 5 Star Google Review

Google Reviews - 5 StarI am so thrilled with my Fawcett mattress! Duane and his team provide superior service, and the beds are made with meticulous craftsmanship. After only a few nights on my new bed (the model 9), my sore hip problem disappeared. I will never buy a bed from anywhere else; I’m hooked! Read More 5 Star Google Reviews here.

Jeremy – 5 Star Google Review

Fantastic service, fantastic products. We are lucky enough to live in Victoria, so going to their showroom was easy. Staff (Steven) at the front was very knowledgeable, describing the products, the options, and the materials used as well as the prices. We had lots of opportunity to try the different mattresses and comfort levels and all the permutations you can achieve in a Fawcett Mattress, in a very friendly, low pressure environment. I mean, what other mattress store doesn’t mind if you bring your own pillow in to try them out!! My wife and I have been through the box store experience a few times and this was so much better in every single way. And the mattresses you ask? Well, where else can you get a Canadian, handmade, organic mattress, 10 year warranty, can be either sprung, latex foam, or a combo, customized to suit you and your partners needs/preferences, for a price that is completely competitive with stores whose products don’t tick any of those boxes? Short answer: no where else that I have found!! They really are that amazing. If you are in the market for a mattress, and are in the area, do yourself a favour, visit the store. If you aren’t in the area, come visit Victoria (it is awesome), and then come check them out. Or… check out their website!! I believe they also have great shipping options so everyone should do themselves a favour, check these guys (and gals!) out first before going anywhere else. King Sized Model 9 Fawcett Mattress ; See Jeremy’s review on Google.

Ray – 5 Star Google Review

For 4 years I have had bad shoulder problems, It all started when I got a new mattress from one of those big mattress stores, The pain only got worse as time went on , 2 years later I thought I better get a better mattress, that didn’t help either , so I went to the doctor and they sent me to hospital for injections in both shoulders , that didn’t help either, I thought there had be an answer to this nightmare. I went on line and found Fawcett Mattress, it sounded promising. I explained the situation , they said they would make me a bed that work for me, I was impressed, how often do you here that, (oh yeah never). anyway they did and within 1 week all my pain was gone, I can now move my shoulders, and my arms normally again, I have ordered another bed for 1 of my other bedrooms, and may get another for the third bedroom, Now that my arms function normally now, I could give these guys a big hug , but I’ll just say thank heavens they are doing what they are doing, and if were up to me I would call the store ,, (((~The Best most Comfortable, Awesomest , Wonderfull, Unbelievable, Feel like your Sleeping on a Cloud Mattress store on the Planet.~))) Keep up the good work. Read more Fawcett 5 Star Google Reviews here!

Katie – 5 Star Google Review

Google 5 Star ReviewPurchasing a mattress and pillows from Fawcett has been one of the best investments we have made! We were in the market for an organic mattress and to find a local company that makes them on site with the best materials was a huge plus. The service was remarkable and we couldn’t be more happy with the product. We have had several guests use our mattress as well, and their first comment is always ‘where is your mattress from?!?!’ We LOVE recommending Fawcett to anyone in the market for beds, mattresses, and pillows. Read more 5 Star Fawcett Google Reviews here!

Jennifer – 5 Star Google Review

Google 5 Star ReviewI dreaded having to go through the song and dance required to buy a new mattress and then my realtor, Jason Binab, recommended Fawcett Mattress. I was delighted to find this straight-forward, no smoke-and- mirrors mattress company. My mattress is beautifully made (locally) of all-natural materials and custom made to my specifications. Thanks! Read more Fawcett 5 Star Google Reviews here! 

John – 5 Star Google Review

Google 5 Star ReviewLove my new mattress! Steve and the staff were wonderful and patient at helping me find the right choice. Felt very safe in making my decision because if I got it home and it didn’t work I knew they would help me fix it. Highly recommend Fawcett! Read more Fawcett 5 Star Google Reviews here!

Ivan – 5 Star Google Review

Google 5 Star ReviewBest custom mattresses on the market! Every time I need a mattress for any of my projects Fawcett is my only choice. My clients love the fact that they are locally made, a sustainable product with no off gasing, the exceptional quality in materials, the adjustable comfort level and the high attention to customer service. So excited to see a local product getting all the attention that it truly deserves. Iván Meade CGD Principal Designer Meade Design Group Inc – Read more Fawcett 5 Star Google Reviews here!

Bob – 5 Star Google Review

Google 5 Star ReviewWhat a mattress! My wife & I have to make ourselves rise from it every morning and both look forward to returning to it that evening. As a side sleeper there is no more pressure point pain plus am now able to sleep on my back again the support is so even. The materials are top notch. The attention to detail thorough, and the staff, all of them, friendly, informative and helpful. Treat yourself. It’s an excellent investment. Read more Fawcett 5 Star Google Mattress Reviews here.

Vanessa – 5 Star Google Review

Google 5 Star ReviewHighly recommend them, we are so happy with our new bed. When I realized I spend 50 hours a week asleep, I knew it was time to invest in the right mattress. I feel like it’s another rite of passage into being an adult :D, and I only wish we did it sooner! I haven’t moved much in my sleep since we got it, and nothing is sore when I wake up. Next adult step is getting nice sheets! Read more Fawcett 5 Star Google Reviews here!

Gary – 5 Star Google Review

I have described purchasing a new mattress from a regular mattress outlet such as the big brick and mortar stores, as “swimming with the sharks” that is, the salespeople have more interest in their pocket books than your health. Most of the time you will find it difficult to determine what the different materials that go into the big brand name mattress manufacturers products are. So, if you don’t know, how can you possibly make a decision as to the products durability, or more importantly, the toxic content of the mattress? With Fawcett your search is over. Thanks guys! Read more Fawcett 5 Star Google Reviews here!

Anne – 5 Star Google Review

Google 5 Star ReviewBest-in-class material & artisans + locally-made = Perfect recipe for happy customers! Our recently purchased Fawcett mattress has met all our high environmental, social and comfort standards. I love knowing that my mattress has been made locally, is environmentally-friendly and is overall a healthy choice. But most importantly, it is comfortable and makes for great night’s sleep! Read more Fawcett 5 Star Google Reviews here!

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