What is the difference between the model one and model nine? What is the advantage of having a thicker mattress?
The model one is based on the standard European latex mattress model that has been around since the 1960s. The model one is our most simplistic mattress and is made from a 6” thick core of natural Talalay latex; its mono block construction makes it our only fully reversible mattress and it is best suited for someone looking for a medium-firm to firm mattress. The model nine builds on the construction of the model one by adding a softer latex pillow top that zips on to the firmer lower portion of the mattress. This component-based mattress is one of our more luxurious models and offers plenty of spinal support while having the feel of a softer mattress.
Do Talalay latex mattresses “sleep hot”?
On the contrary! It’s a common misconception that latex mattresses sleep hot when in fact the pin core structure of Talalay latex rubber allows for temperature regulation through air circulation, and when covered with our Joma wool and organic cotton ticking, our mattresses are wonderfully temperature regulating, meaning you’ll sleep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
Will my fitted sheets fit on your mattresses? I’m worried the sheet pockets won’t be deep enough
You shouldn’t need deep pocket sheets with any of our mattresses. Standard fitted sheets have pockets that are between 7” - 14” deep, and our thickest mattress finishes at 13”.
Which one is better, your all latex mattresses or the models with inner springs?
It’s completely subjective - some clients prefer the bounce and resilience of an innerspring while others place more importance in the lack of transfer of motion that’s inherent with a solid latex mattress. It all comes down to personal preference.
What kind of support do I need for my mattress? Can I use my current box spring?
Provided there is adequate support and ventilation, our mattresses are designed to work on any firm, flat surface. That includes box springs, slatted bed frames and pedestal bases. If you are using a slatted sleep surface we recommend the slats be no more than 3” apart. Because any compromise in your base surface will transfer to your mattress, it’s imperative that your mattress be adequately supported - if your support sags, your mattress will too.
What’s the difference between natural Talalay latex and synthetic memory foam?
They are like night and day - memory foam is a pressure reduction material only and has no positive resilience, while botanical Talalay latex is incredibly supportive and resilient. From an environmental perspective, visco elastic (memory foam) is one of the worst emitters of volatile compounds (VOCs) and many clients find their memory foam mattresses off gas long after they’ve brought them home. Conversely, Talalay latex is made from the tapped rubber sap of the Havea Brasiliensis tree and is an almost 100% earth based natural product. It is renewable and sustainable, and while it isn’t as a long lasting as its synthetic counterparts, it doesn’t cause the same environmental harm as the non-organic alternatives.
What is the purpose of a natural wool sleep surface?
Natural wool is an incredible material - it is temperature regulating, moisture wicking, dust mite resistant and antimicrobial, making it perfect for our mattress ticking.
Do you keep any mattresses in stock? I’d like to be able to purchase and take one home on the same day.
Because all of our mattresses are made to order, we don’t keep any in stock. If you’re interested in purchasing a Fawcett mattress, one of our sales staff will be able to give you an accurate quote on turn around time.
What if I sleep on my mattress only to realize that it’s too soft or too firm? Can I exchange it?
Due to the way our mattresses are constructed, we are only able to offer a Comfort Exchange on our model one and model nine mattresses (at a cost to the client). For this reason we recommend taking as much time as possible in making your selection, especially if considering one of our other mattress models. For a more detailed explanation, please visit our Warranty & Mattress Care page.
Do you use any fire retardants in your mattresses?
We do not use any conventional fire retardants in any of our mattresses since both wool and Talalay latex both possess natural fire-resistant properties.
Why do you recommend I use a mattress protector?
Mattresses can get pretty dirty over time, and a protector is the best way to ensure your mattress stays as clean as possible for as long as you sleep on it. They guard against spills, perspiration, dust mites and the natural oils and fluids that our bodies produce, and since they’re easily removed and machine washed, you can rest easy knowing you’re always sleeping on a clean sleep surface. We offer mattress protectors made of both bamboo and wool, and they come available in every standard size (including pillow protectors, too).
Can you make mattresses in custom sizes?
Absolutely! We’ve made mattresses in all shapes and sizes for client’s various needs, including mattresses for boats, RVs and non-standard sized beds.
I have a latex allergy. Can I still sleep on one of your mattresses?
The latex in our mattresses is fully encapsulated in organic wool and cotton ticking, so it shouldn’t pose a problem since the latex will never come into contact with your skin.
Why should I buy an organic mattress?
Purchasing an organic Fawcett mattress is a great way to invest in your long term health and well being; we spend a third of our life in bed, and that’s a lot of time to potentially expose yourself to the harsh chemicals and off gassing materials used in conventional mattresses. Conversely, at Fawcett, we use organic wool and cotton ticking that is temperature regulating, moisture-wicking, dust mite resistant, antimicrobial and naturally fire repellant. Our botanical Talalay latex is biodegradable and durable, and offers an incredible amount of pressure point relief and support, no matter which model you select. Choosing an organic mattress means you’re sleeping on a surface that has been constructed with carefully selected, all-natural products that each contribute to providing you with the best possible sleep.
I love my Fawcett mattress! Can I write a review somewhere?
We’re so glad you love your mattress! We strive to make our clients happy and always welcome feedback. We are set up to receive reviews at Facebook, Google + and Houzz. (hyperlink on website)
What is the difference between Dunlop and Talalay process latex?
In the Dunlop process, natural rubber tree sap is poured into a mould before being cooked in a process called vulcanization. Before the latex is rendered into its solid state, any natural sediments within the mixture settle to the bottom, resulting in an inconsistent latex core that is softer on the top and firmer on the bottom. By comparison, the Talalay foaming process takes place in a vacuum chamber, and yields a far more consistent product due to the fact that the latex is flash frozen before vulcanization. This step evenly suspending any particulates, resulting in consistent firmness throughout the core. Besides their production processes, Dunlop and Talalay also differ in their buoyancy - Dunlop tends to be heavy and dense while Talalay is soft, bouncy and resilient. Lastly, Talalay is available in five firmnesses while Dunlop is only available in three.

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