Natural Latex Mattress in Vancouver?

Natural Latex Mattress in Vancouver?

We’re based in Victoria BC. But a number of our clients have found us online and were looking for a quality, custom natural latex mattress in Vancouver. And so it begins…

Some clients have made the trip to Victoria from Vancouver just to check out Fawcett. Other have been over visiting family and friends and come in for a look. We don’t generally offer sales on natural or organic mattresses.

Occasionally, we’ll refresh our showroom stock for new models, and offer our floor models to our existing clients for 15-20% off. But that’s it.

Why no regular sales like the other guys?

We simply have priced our mattresses at the best price we can. Period. We’re putting in high quality natural talalay latex into our mattresses and it’s not inexpensive.

We think not having sales is a good thing. You know you’re getting the best price you can obtain, year round. And it’s a fair price. At some mattress shops, a “$2,000 mattress” will “go on sale” for $1,000 – regularly. A few times a year. In our minds, this is ‘smoke and mirrors’ and the mattress was probably only worth $1,000 to begin with.

Our model 1 is an all latex natural mattress, and in a Queen size model is priced at $1889.

Fawcett Model 1





One of our goals is to offer fair and transparent pricing. We think we achieve that.

Back to Vancouver

So if you’re reading this, and you live in Vancouver or the lower mainland, how do you purchase a incredible Fawcett natural latex mattress while residing in Vancouver? There’s a couple logical ways to go about this.

  • Our model 6 mattress is our best priced, and also a mattress that ‘fits’ a wide variety of sleep styles and body sizes. We call it our “goldilocks mattress.” You can reliably purchase this mattress online from our eStore and most people are going to love the mattress. It’s also a great choice for any second bedroom or vacation home.


  • Telephone consultation. This is a good idea when considering a natural latex mattress? There’s a choice of our natural latex core Model 1, as mentioned above. Or our natural latex core Model 9 is our most luxurious mattress.

We’ve had a number of clients purchase our mattresses via a 15 minute telephone consultation, and so far all has been good! The consultation involves determining firmness, and sleep style. Are you a side, back or stomach sleeper? Are you a large or small person? Do you prefer a soft or firmer mattress?

From there, we can customize the mattress side-to-side as well. If one partner prefers firm, and the other soft? No problem. If there are significant size differences – IE one partner is 100lbs and the other is 250 lbs, they need different support and firmness levels.

These topics usually don’t come up when you head to the local mattress shop, because they have a one-size-fits both couples point of view – generally speaking.

So, sure there are some risks of buying online. We can help mitigate that through a thoughtful consultation process. There’s definitely risks in buying a one-size-fits all / both partners approach too. Drop us a line at 1.250.384.2558 and let’s see if it makes sense for you to look at Fawcett mattress.



Can’t sleep? Could your gut be keeping you awake?

Can’t sleep? An interesting article; Could your gut be keeping you awake?  As well as new research coming from Professor Matthew Walker (“Why We Sleep”)  Director of UC Berkeley’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab poses the position that sleep is in fact so important, that we should question not why to sleep, but rather why wake up.

Professor Walker goes on to say;

“We know an enormous amount about the relationship between a lack of sleep and appetite, obesity and weight gain, as well as aspects of insulin resistance and glucose regulation. What we don’t fully understand yet is the role of the microbiome in sleep”. 

Microbiome is apparently, as defined by dictionairy.com

The microorganisms in a particular environment (including the body or a part of the body).
“we depend on a vast army of microbes to stay alive: a microbiome that protects us against germs, breaks down food to release energy, and produces vitamins”

There seems to be agreement among sleep researchers that there likely is a link between healthy gut bacteria and healthy sleep. However, there isn’t any solid research to confirm – yet.

Some of the advice they give?

Christine Hanse, Author of the book “Sleep Like a Boss” has advice about how to best prepare your body for sleep. She offers a number of books on what she calls “holistic sleep books”.

“If you wanted to improve sleep, you could try a gut-friendly regime by eating a broad and inclusive diet with real food, not processed. Everyone is going to be different. You could try being vegetarian for a month and see if it helps. Double your fibre intake and eat fermented foods every day, such as full-fat yoghurt and good-quality cheeses. Increase the range of foods in your diet.

“Eat berries, green tea, 70 per cent dark chocolate, decaffeinated coffee, nuts and seeds. Don’t eat just before you go to bed, but equally, don’t go hungry. Avoid snacking before bedtime. I don’t want to be too prescriptive but really, if you want richer microbes, you’ll eat more of a range of foods and that will induce chemicals that will calm you.”

Our bodies are complex and barely understood in the grand scheme. As, with any of this information, please consult your physician before making changes to your diet or anything else health related! 


What is the best mattress? Lawsuits & Mattress Reviews

What is the best mattress? A tough question. We could easily say Fawcett Mattresses are the best mattresses! But of course that may be a little bit self serving…

But really. There’s a sea, a virtual cornucopia of information out there. Or misinformation…? There are mattress review sites to check out. Like Sleepopolis for example. So these can be trusted resources, right? Well maybe not.

Derek Hales, an entrepreneurial business degree graduate of Kansas State University, started Sleepopolis after trying a couple of mattress-in-a-box brands. He posted a video of his wife and him trying out a Casper mattress and it quickly racked up 25,000 views. Derek made deals with the mattress companies that when people clicked on his videos through to the mattress maker website, he would get an ‘affiliate payment’. Affiliate payments have been around as long as the internet and are big business. Last year $4.5 billion was paid in affiliate fees.

With the explosion of cheap mattress-in-a-box companies, Derek built Sleepopolis into a online review juggernaut. He was receiving 500,000 visitors a month and millions of views of his mattress reviews.

So that’s the end of the story? Well no…

Eventually a number of the mattress companies began to re-asses their relationship with the various mattress review sites that had sprung up. Generally the mattress companies were paying about $50 to $250  per mattress sale for referrals. Taking into account the amount of referral traffic Derek’s site was sending Casper, Leesa and other mattress companies, apparently he was making $2,000,000 a year from referring web traffic to the mattress sites.

In April of 2016, Derek’s relationship with Casper had soured. He put a note on his website that he could no longer recommend a Casper, and recommended a few other brands. “He even added a little yellow box near the top of that page, which read: “Thinking about buying a Casper? Do your homework! Check out these 4 mattress companies that Sleepopolis loves.”

This “little yellow box” was on the number one search term for Casper Mattress Review. So needless to say, Casper wasn’t too happy! Next, Casper filed a lawsuit alleging Derek and his site (as well as two other sites) were using deceptive advertising practices!

After some legal wrangling back and forth, Casper funded another mattress review site to buy Sleepopolis. Derek’s out of the picture now.

Sleepopolis Home page

What happened to the little yellow box warning readers about Casper and sending them somewhere else? It’s long gone, replaced with a green box featuring a special coupon for – you guessed it – a Casper mattress.

It’s buyer beware when reading mattress reviews. A multi-million dollar affiliate business and review sites that look independent but aren’t, mean take your online reviews with a grain of salt!

Read the whole story on Fast Company here.

We’re proud of the Google reviews rating we have. We keep striving to exceed our client expectations, and we’re happy when they share the love. Ready to purchase a Fawcett Mattress? use this coupon code to obtain $50 off the price of any mattress or bed. FAWCETT50

Free Local Delivery?

Yes we do. Fawcett offers free local delivery anywhere in greater Victoria BC, Canada. Generally that means within about 30km of downtown. Of course, we have been convinced to drive further. Live out of town? No problem. We offer $100 flat rate shipping to most destinations in Canada!

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