The Model 8 Mattress

Introducing the Fawcett Model 8 Mattress

We’re always trying to innovate and create new & improved products for our clients. With that, we’ve recently created a new mattress. The Fawcett Model 8!

The Model Eight consists of an 6″ individual pocket coil spring encapsulated in a layer of cotton felt. This offers tremendous support to 1.5 inches of Talalay Latex foam.

As always, the sleep surface consists of organic Joma® wool quilted through a high thread count organic cotton cover.

The Model Eight goes into our tufting machine for perfectly even finish and consistency, to keep all of the components together in perfect harmony.

fawcett model 8Specifications

• 10” Finished height
• 1.5” all natural Talalay latex on top and bottom
• 6” High count individual pocket-coil spring unit
• High thread count organic cotton ticking quilted with natural Joma® wool
• Available as a “No Compromise Mattress” offering side specific support within a single mattress, for sleepers of varying heights, weights and comfort preferences
• 12 Lbs per side of 100% cotton felt
• Tufted with felt and linen rosettes
• Fully reversible or ‘flippable’.

Model 8 Pricing

$1749 for Twin
$2649 for a Queen
$3389 for a King

We don’t have the Model 8 Mattress listed on our website yet, so just drop us a line @ 250.384.2558 or Email Us and we’ll be happy to help.


Organic Mattress VS Natural Mattress, a Canadian Alternative

Organic Mattress VS Natural Mattresses

What’s the difference between an organic mattress and a natural mattress? Good question. More and more people are getting hip to the fact that sleep is important! It’s actually become kind of trendy in certain circles. Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, even has done a TED talk on “how to be more successful. Get more sleep

The Huffington Post also has a few articles on sleep – “5 surprising ways your mattress affects your sleep and health” – among others.

Why is a natural or organic mattress an important choice compared to the typical mattress? We won’t go into detail in this article, but we’ve written about the topic here.

Let’s assume that you are ‘sold’ on the fact that natural materials are important for you to have in a mattress. But do you need an organic mattress? And exactly what is an organic mattress?

It’s about Certification

To qualify as an organic mattress, the latex supplier must go through a process to demonstrate to a 3rd party, that 95% of the latex that goes into the latex core is in fact organic and not man made synthetic material – among a few other items. Our Fawcett latex cores are 100% natural latex, tapped from a rubber tree.

So, An organic mattress has undergone a certification process. A company called “Control Union” has “pioneered the first global standard for organic latex: the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).” GOLS outlines requirements for latex products made from organic raw materials, as well as for material from non-organic origins.

There’s also the Global Organic Textile Standard Standard (GOTS).

natural products collage

Do We Use Certified Organic Latex?

Does Fawcett use GOLS or GOTS certified latex in our mattresses? No, and Yes. Our suppliers offer Certified Organic Latex, and we have some in our warehouse. Organic latex is an option for our clients to choose to build in their mattresses. (all our mattresses are made-to-order)

Our mandate and mission is to offer our clients the healthiest mattress providing the best night sleep. So, after significant research, we felt we were better serving our clients by featuring and utilizing 100% Natural Latex Mattresses VS Organic. Why? We are using 100% natural latex in our mattresses, VS a blend. Some companies use an 80/20% blend. Make sure you ask.

Ultimately, the certification process, in our minds, is the main tangible difference between 100% Natural Latex and Organic latex. The supplier has paid extra to have it certified. The 100% Natural Latex that Fawcett utilizes in its mattresses is tapped from Havea-Brasiliensis rubber trees in a similar manner to how maple syrup is tapped from maple trees. We feature and generally use Natural Talalay Latex because we think it’s the best value for our clients without sacrificing quality or a healthy sleep environment.

How long will Natural Latex Last?

On average, latex mattresses last longer than most other mattress types, especially if they are organic or natural latex mattresses. Organic and natural latex mattresses last 8 to 10 years, and synthetic or latex hybrids last 6 to 8 years, while a traditional innerspring bed lasts on average less than 6 years.

Green Home?

Think of like this. You can build an incredibly green home, complete with rain water cisterns, solar power, excellent insulation and all sorts of green building practices. But unless you pay an engineer to certify it, and go through the entire cumbersome and expensive process, you won’t be able to call it a LEED certified building.

It’s not just about the Latex cores. Fawcett also uses 100% organic cotton ticking – think – the outside of the mattress that touches your skin. Organic Joma Wool is used as padding that is naturally fire resistant, temperature regulating and moisture wicking. This is the upper most layer below the ticking that offers an incredible sleep surface that will keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer without the need to add fire retardants.

What models Feature 100% Natural Latex?

All our models have 100% Natural Latex. The model 6 , Model 7 and Model 9S feature spring units. If you’re looking for a latex core mattress check out our Model 1 or Model 9. Both feature 6 inch 100% natural latex cores (available in certified organic material at your option for additional fee).

Both also feature the ability to customize firmness side-to-side to better match sleep preferences (back, side or stomach) as well as to better suit small and large people. What are you sleeping on?



Buy a Mattress at Costco?

Should you Buy a Mattress at Costco? There are a lot of reasons why it’s better to buy a Mattress from your local, natural mattress producer. Yes we are that. But, believe it or not, these are not simply self serving reasons.

  1. When you buy a mattress at Costco, you’re buying from a large multinational company. Where was your mattress made? By whom? what kind of labour practices do they employ?
  2. When you buy a mattress from Fawcett, you’re supporting a small local company and contributing to the local economy.
  3. While Costco may be good for buying some items, they don’t have mattress specialists (that we know of) like Fawcett does.
  4. When you purchase a Mattress from Fawcett, you’re able to speak to the guy who makes it. You can watch your mattress being made! “what goes into a mattress” – is important.
  5. Fawcett builds its Mattresses from the most sustainable, natural materials available. Costco? not so much.
  6. A Fawcett Mattress’s firmness can be customized, for no additional fee. Firm one side, soft the other? Yes you can.
  7. Fawcett Mattresses (currently) have 34  5 out of 5 Google 5 star reviews. We’re a mattress shop, with some big distinctions.
  8. Costco, for most Victorians…is a bit of a jaunt – out of town. Think of the fuel you’ll save by shopping in the Rock Bay District!
  9. Fawcett makes custom RV and Yacht mattresses. We’re pretty sure that’s not on Costco’s radar. Need a ___ shaped mattress? We can do it.
  10. Factory Direct. Fawcett you’re paying for materials and skill. The result is an amazing product. Costco you’re paying a middleman.

fawcett mattress



Fawcett Square One Sofa


We started from “Square One” with this collection.

The Fawcett square one sofa pieces connect together to form any configuration you desire, and its static cushions make it ideal for the person who doesn’t like the look of loose seats and backs. The Square One keeps it simple; no loose cushions to constantly fluff and rearrange makes this collection very low maintenance.

We build furniture of the highest quality with the most environmentally friendly products available to us.

All of our furniture is constructed of sustainably farmed solid beech and an environmentally harvested ply that has no added urea formaldehyde. We pad our products with natural, fair trade latex and 100% organic and hypo-allergenic wool; the strong synergy between these components results in a product that wicks moisture and regulates temperature while offering maximum comfort.

fawcett square one sofa

Our mission is to make better sofas, chairs and mattresses using materials that our clients can feel good about bringing into their homes.

Square One is available in a variety of Fabrics & Wollsdorf FOC Earth vegetable dyed leather top grain leather.

Widths of: 70″, 78″, 88″ and 96″ are available. Priced from $2,940 in Grade A Fabric

Interested in ordering a Square One? We’re able to ship across Canada, but if you’re located in Victoria BC, drop by and let’s chat.



Adjustable Bed and Mattress

We’ve combined our (new!) Boomerang bed with an adjustable bed and mattress to make a pretty amazing combo.

We’ve sold a a ton of them over the past 6 weeks…there seems to be something in the water…? or maybe it’s just that a lot of people are discovering how versatile they are.

Adjustable beds can be really useful for therapeutic purpose, such as recovery from surgery, swollen legs, back pain and circulation issues. They also offer a host of comfort benefits such as massage, customizable from side to side (the bases come as two separate single XL units to configure a King size bed) and a luxurious convenience for reading or watching television.

Fawcett Adjustable Bed and Mattress

Featured are:

The new all wood Fawcett Queen Size Boomerang Bed, available in White Oak or Black Walnut,  starting at $3295  – in White Oak.

The amazing Fawcett Model 9 all Latex Mattress – priced at $3299 (not to be confused with the amazing Fawcett Model 9 S …as in S for inner Spring…but lest we digress) 

Adjustable base, Leggett & Platt mechanism, starting at $1889 in Queen Size

Come on down and give it a try!



Midcentury Modern Furniture Reupholstery

Midcentury Modern Furniture Reupholstery;  Do you have some midcentury modern furniture you’d like reupholstered? Or maybe simply a favourite chair or sofa that needs some TLC?

At Fawcett, not only do we create fantastic mattresses and new furniture. But we also have master reupholsterers on staff that can breath new life into quality furniture that needs a refresh. Here’s a an example of our recent work!

faboulous find reupholstry



Tommy Sofa Bed

Tommy Sofa Bed

We did a lot of research to find the perfect mechanism for our Tommy sofa bed and of course ended up bringing in these mechanisms from Italy. Their superior construction and amazing design result in a sofa that does an incredible job of housing the bed inside of it.

The sofa itself is firm yet comfortable and when it opens, you’ll find a Fawcett 3″ – 100% Natural Talalay latex mattress in a multi-stretch cotton cover. The Tommy Sofa-Bed is available in European Double and European Queen size with a variety of different arm shapes.

Overall dimensions for the sofas are:
Double – 37″ Deep x 77″ Long
Queen – 37″ deep x 84″ Long
Mattress dimensions are:
Double – 56″ x 79″
Queen – 63″ x 79″

Priced From $4208 in Double Size; Also available in a 3/4 size for $3871

Tommy Sofa Bed 1 Tommy Sofa Bed 2 Tommy Sofa Bed 3 Tommy Sofa Bed 4 Tommy Sofa Bed 5



Mattress too firm ?

Mattress too firm? Are you an older person? then it may be causing sleep challenges. At least this is what research conducted by the Brazilian Association of Sleep has found. Elderly ‘subjects’ that slept on high firmness rated mattresses took an average of 67 minutes to fall asleep. When these people switched to a medium firm mattress, they took only 21 minutes to fall asleep.

Older couple walking together

As we age, we often acquire various ailments and chronic problems. These range from autoimmune, various injuries racked up along our journey in life or other diseases. In fact, 62% of adults aged 65-74 and and 81.5% of those over the age of 85 years old had two or more chronic conditions.

Given this, it means that as we age, we need to plan for these changes in our body so that we are able to get the proper amount of sleep required. Maybe you’ve liked firm mattresses through your adult life but haven’t been sleeping well…? It could be time to look at a new softer mattress.

But what if you need a softer mattress and your spouse sleeps great on the current firm one you have? At Fawcett, we have options. We’ve got something called our no compromise mattress. With our latex core models such as the M1 and M9, we can create a softer mattress on one side, and a firmer mattress on the other side. Even better, we’ll customize your mattress like this for no additional fee.

As we get older, our bodies change and what used to be comfortable, may not be now. Here are a few other tips courtesy of comfort keepers to get the best night’s sleep possible for older adults:

  • Make sure you follow a regular sleeping schedule, going to bed and rising at the same time each day.
  • Avoid taking long or frequent naps during the day.
  • Make sure you get regular exercise!
  • Sit in natural light; it regulates the body’s sleep-wake cycle.
  • Minimize caffeine and alcohol.
  • Make sure your bed is for sleeping only.  If you’re unable to fall asleep in 15 minutes, get up, move to a chair and try another activity.

Custom Mattress for RV – Yachts, Boats, Trailers, Motorhomes & Odd Size Beds

We have recently created mattresses for Yachts, RV’s and other custom orders like odd size bunk beds and all sorts of other applications where an exact custom size mattress is required. We’ll also customize mattress firmness and materials according to your specific needs.

Our clients are generally pleasantly surprised regarding price.

We create our custom mattresses made from the most sustainable and natural materials available. It also turns out that these materials – natural talalay latex, 100% organic cotton, and joma wool, also are components which last and provide exceptional comfort.

If you live in Victoria BC, we’ll help measure the required size. If you’re outside of Victoria, we’ll walk you through taking the correct measurements to ensure your final product is exactly what you need.

Airstream trailers or RV? A lot of people are retro-fitting these fine travel machines and updating upholstery as well as  – their sleeping areas with Fawcett Mattresses. VW Vanagon? Chevy Motohome? Winnebago?

We’re able to ship anywhere in North America, heck, probably even overseas to Europe or beyond if that’s where you need the mattress to go. Let us know what we can create for your special project, vehicle or yacht.z


Here’s an image of a original 1980’s airstream chair we started with…once stripped down, we begin to add the new fabric.








Middle phases of adding new material.







Finally the new material in place, complete with seatbelts 😉




Below is a mattress for a 35 foot boat with a V-berth that we created. As you can see, the shape is irregular. No problem! Simply complete the special request form below, and we’ll get back to you ‘tout suite’.

yacht mattress

Buying a Mattress? 3 Considerations.

If you’re like me, the only thing I really thought mattered with a mattress was price – and to a lesser degree comfort. Then I discovered Fawcett. It turns out there are a whole lot of other important factors to consider.

Comfort #1

If you’re not comfortable, you can’t sleep. If you can’t sleep you get sick and die. No, really this isn’t dramatic!

There’s a mountain of research linking sleep deprivation with serious and fatal diseases. Read our 7 reasons to get more sleep. It’s not just about avoiding disease or an early death. Good stuff happens when you get more sleep!

But how do you ensure a mattress is comfortable? Firmness levels are important. Generally speaking larger, heavier people need a firmer sleep surface than a smaller lighter person.

However, back-sleepers in general need a firmer mattress than side-sleepers. Here’s where many mattress fail. What happens if you weigh 280lbs and your spouse weighs in at 95lbs? Who has to sacrifice?

At Fawcett – no one! Our Model 1 and Model 9 mattresses are able to be customized side-to-side. You can have firm one side, and soft on the other – for no additional fee.

In addition to customization from side to side, Fawcett also creates our products made-to-order. So you are able to customize materials, firmness – we are only limited by our imagination.couple sleeping on mattress

Materials #2

This may not seem important at first glance.

But think for a moment. We spent approximately 1/3 of our lives in bed. You’ve got that mattress about 2 inches away from your mouth and your skin is virtually pressed against the mattress material. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and it’s able to absorb things that touch it.

So when you look at how much time we spending bed and that we are constantly pressed against the mattress, it makes perfect sense that you need a mattress that doesn’t emit toxic materials that you may inhale or absorb through your skin.

Natural materials do cost more. But your health and well being is worth it! Need justification? If you amortize a better quality, higher priced mattress over 10 years, the difference is negligible.

That said, we also have incredibly well priced products. Why? We manufacture our products and offer them direct to the consumer. So our clients are purchasing factory-direct. 

mattress material collage

Warranty #3

What happens if your mattress fails? What happens if your it is too firm? Too soft?

All our competitors offer warranties, but when you read the fine print, most of them are next to impossible to actually make a claim.

At Fawcett, we tried to create a transparent warranty, that was simple and easy to understand. Check it out here. Most mattress manufacturers do not have any ability to “edit” your mattress after you’ve bought it and slept on it. (there’s a small fee

However, at Fawcett, this is one of the things that makes us unique. If your mattress turns out to be too firm or too soft after you’ve slept on it for a few weeks, you can have it edited, or changed, by our team of craftsmen. They can replace the foam component with softer or firmer foam, all for a small fee just to cover our costs.

Getting a new mattress is great. But it isn’t a cure-all for everything. There are many reasons why people can’t sleep. Here are a few key issues to avoid if possible.

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